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  Since when?When it was the so called communist, the anti Vietnam war activists, the Black Panther activists, who cared? Now it is a big thing? There is not much difference between the West propaganda ( lazy journalists: CNN, BBC etc... ) and the North Korea´s Communist party brain wash.
Spying for the current economic war ( a war the USA could lose in the near future, if European leaders do get wiser than the 21 century tea party fools ), not much about terrorism.   Almost every country spy on other.
 Nope.Amazons strategy vs Apple strategy. It is all about the market share, stupid as it is.
   I bought my first Apple product even before known about Apple.It was the first 17 inch flat panel iMac, circa 2003. To this day i have noticed a crescendo of nonsense noises about Apple, more garingly from the Guardian.co.uk, the BBC both online and The BBC International. Late in the game is HuffingtonPost. As someone wrote, Apple success and biz strategy defies the belief of many people.
  Is there a need to?Journalist shouldn’t do homework? Hey i understand. But i also understand him feeling no obligation in reinforcing What other Apple exec. already said.
  That is dumb. Paul Krugman:  And i guess you personaly know him?
  And you are sounding any more sane?How can you talk about someone you do not know, or about a situation you know nothing about?
  Obvious. If you look at Apple patent, that is.
Before the end of this year i will like to have - a Mac Pro, Modo 701 and a Cintiq 13HD. Perhaps an iPhone 5C or an iPhone 5.   Will you be my genie?
New Posts  All Forums: