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  That is dumb. Paul Krugman:  And i guess you personaly know him?
  And you are sounding any more sane?How can you talk about someone you do not know, or about a situation you know nothing about?
  Obvious. If you look at Apple patent, that is.
Before the end of this year i will like to have - a Mac Pro, Modo 701 and a Cintiq 13HD. Perhaps an iPhone 5C or an iPhone 5.   Will you be my genie?
  Indeed. Why people keep on bringing this nonsense?
 Yeah, being honest is not important?
  The mainstream media keep on ignoring Samsung shenanigans.The BBC, The Guardian, the worst of them all - The HuffingtonPost ...Samsung knows this, so it will not change.
Apple you better start looking for a new partner.
 You are funny.   I doubt the mainstream media will care about this.So cheating does pay.
Apple’s CEO is one tricky man. He tricked Samsung in making a watch, while working on wearable technology?   An iWatch makes no sense. Why bear your phone on yr wrist if you can put it anywhere on yr body?
New Posts  All Forums: