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Apple you better start looking for a new partner.
 You are funny.   I doubt the mainstream media will care about this.So cheating does pay.
Apple’s CEO is one tricky man. He tricked Samsung in making a watch, while working on wearable technology?   An iWatch makes no sense. Why bear your phone on yr wrist if you can put it anywhere on yr body?
 How many people?
  If you are an analyst you should shame the bad ones.If not, you should expose their tricks.It is a civic behaviour.
  At least those are not warmorgers.Strange for a so call socialist.
  According to  http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/dEMOCRACY?s=t, Democracy is what the USA have been preaching.It is not perfect, and it is getting worse, but a Democracy it is.
That is what Democracy is all about.  Democracy is an arena, where different interests fight for a better position. Yes, it is a fight that should have impartial referees. Referees are the people.   Democracy does not equal justice per se.
  For much of them to be honest?You are asking too much. How  many people lost their job and houses because of a paper published by Reinhart and Rogoff?To this day, they did not not say sorry.
  Apple biz strategy is a slap in the face of the wall street mindset.That is all.Period.
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