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If it doesn't succeed, it won't be from lack of promotion.
You almost got it. If you realized that's what makes it the perfect opportunistic backstabber reference, you would be all the way there.
et tu, AI?
You made me picture Jeff Bezos dancing around wearing red lipstick, tight leather shorts, and a blonde wig.
Former CFO, eh? Another board member to help count all those beans.
No doubt Microsoft will pay MLB millions of dollars to use Surfaces, like they did with the NFL.
You don't have to imagine to know the cost of living in the two countries is vastly different. You should really quit while you are behind.
That's what is known as a non-apology apology.
I do get that: Tesla needed to raise capital and their debt to equity ratio was too high to borrow more. So, withtheir stock price sky high, they decided to sell 2.7 million shares to the public. What better time to do it? They raised over $640 million. Note that the offering was underwritten by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank Securities, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo Securities. The offering was oversubscribed, so the original...
Thank goodness Tesla will be standing still for the next 5 years, so this concept car might be able to compete.Have they started building out a worldwide network of 800 volt charging stations to achieve that charging speed, or are they going to wait a few years?
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