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Totally agree with this. He has always been touted as having this mystical credibility.As Inspector Clouseau said when informed the piano he had just destroyed was a priceless Steinway,"not any more".
You are projecting your own bias. Read spheric's quote again. This is a good description of how an effective teacher operates, and provides a good model by which parents can evaluate teachers for their children.Systems like this one and Fretlight rely on eye/hand coordination for beginning students to play notes. The systems are alike in that regard, notwithstanding your non sequitur about the music illiteracy of guitar players.Starting children in their earliest...
Precisely. This is something you should have made clear in your review, rather than stating that this system is for people who want to master the instrument.
That's a good way of (unintentionally) explaining what this is. The learning curve associated with mastering the instrument will be offset by the amount of time a person wastes pressing keys when LEDs light up, like some lab animal in a B. F. Skinner experiment. Once the student realizes this rote technique is not giving them any understanding, they can start the learning curve of actually studying music, if they really have the desire. Or, if that is not immediately...
I think AI puts that in every article with a reference to Kuo, just to mess with people. It's kind of funny now, like always calling Apple the Cupertino-based something or other.
Yes! The multi-billionaires need more frequent opportunities to install their quislings.
At the time Cook gave his congressional testimony, one of the problems some congress members had with a "tax holiday" was that it hasn't historically increased investment in the U.S. Instead, the funds were used for things like huge executive bonuses, special dividends, and stock buybacks. If you want the tax holiday, that is fine, but prepare yourself for the probability that conditions will be attached disallowing certain actions by companies who take advantage.
Nobody here cares what happens with the stock of Appell Petroleum, dumbass.
Have they sold any of those furnaces in the many months since the agreement?
It may not be cut and dried.
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