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Quid pro quo for all those Apple products IBM is buying.
Any deal needs to be contingent on the health of her voice. Wouldn't want to be on the hook for $30 million if she re-injures her voice.
I believed him when he said that. I think he was doing it for the accolades and awards that often accompany Apple bashing. His public statements give the impressionthat having his ego stroked is the most important thing to him. That's one reason why he got so emotional about Cook implying he was an opportunist.
I'm going to say it's everything. This learning capability was part of what Tesla released with their Autopilot update a week ago. People on the Tesla forum are saying that the system has improved noticeably at recognizing freeway exits and lane markings, already.
Is that a watch? I thought it was a miniature multimeter.
I'm glad that guy who stole the anthrax from Ft. Detrick didn't have a drone.
Does everyone get their phone number synced with the NSA?
If it doesn't succeed, it won't be from lack of promotion.
You almost got it. If you realized that's what makes it the perfect opportunistic backstabber reference, you would be all the way there.
et tu, AI?
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