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Thou shalt not bitch when a beta has problems.
I think they have reached a point where they should cut their losses.
That's what got him disconnected.
How would that be any different? If you think AAPL is being manipulated now, what would prevent it from being manipulated in this other exchange with millions of participants? Do you imagine that the incentives for manipulation would disappear somehow?
The "knee-jerk" metaphor refers to the routine medical test where a physician taps a patient on a spot near the knee and the patient's leg kicks out immediately and involuntarily, showing how well the nerves in that area are functioning. The above article is about Apple purchasing a tract of land for unknown purposes. For most people, the response to reading the article is to speculate on what Apple may be planning to do with the land. For you, the immediate response is...
Earlier you were questioning what another poster meant by "knee-jerk libertarianism". I think if you analyze what you just posted, you will see a fine example.
Charming mixture of peevishness and fear.
You need to familiarize yourself with Magna International.http://www.magna.com/capabilities/vehicle-engineering-contract-manufacturing/product-services/contract-manufacturing/complete-vehicle-production
I would love to see Apple make a large investment in the Gigafactory. With regard to the charging station network, Elon Musk has stated that any company can use it, if they contribute to the cost (I think he wants $2000 per car). I agree that Apple does not need to buy Tesla. There are contract manufacturers which build entire vehicles and Musk has made many of Tesla's patents public, so that might be a good way for Apple to proceed. Tesla plans to make a car called...
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