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Tesla is doomed!
I wonder how Swatch boy feels about this.
He wanted the employee discount on Dom
Happy to see this done sooner rather than later.
Smells like low tide.
Since when are Columbo episodes considered film noir?
Let me try to help you have a higher opinion of the Tesla engineers. The plastic nose cone, which looks unpleasant to some people, helps give the Model S the lowest coefficient of drag of any mass production car. A low drag coefficient enables better performance in terms of acceleration, stability, and range. By making it out of plastic, rather than the aluminum (or aluminium, if you prefer) of the rest of the car body, it provides for very inexpensive repairs for low...
Isn't he giving the money to charity?
You think a test mule gives the same insight as tens of thousands of cars driving millions of miles in the real world and constantly communicating with the Tesla servers? Ok then.
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