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Don't you think he will make inspirational halftime speeches to motivate Griffin and Paul to flop better?
Ming-Chi Kuo is trying to improve his batting average.
For every orchestral composition made on an iPad, there must be thousands of rap songs created in garage band on iPad.
I get it. The deal is off because Dr. Dre lied on his resume.
And now that there's another leak, the certainty just dropped to 20%.
Teflon for which they did not pay a licensing fee.
If there really is a deal in the works, I hope the delay is for renegotiating the price due to the music moguls running off at the mouth. A couple hundred million should be about right for violating non-disclosure agreements. If they are going to work at Apple, they have to be less about grabbing the spotlight and more about advancing the team.
I heard it was due to supply constraints.
This would have been good advice to follow when you were arguing with drblank about the relative levels of achievement of mastering a musical instrument and programming a rap song into recording software.
I was surprised to learn that she has a shiznick to go with her enormous butt.
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