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If they do hire him, I hope they can get him to quit leaking self-promoting information.
She got tired of having to say “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”
He knows he wasn't going to be the next CFO at Apple. He probably wants to go somewhere his career can advance more and sooner.
I agree with this part of your post. It is understandable why the judge only allows a few patents per trial, but it works to Samsung's advantage that no jury ever sees the comprehensive extent of Samsung's copying.
Not really. That dog is all bark and no bite.
Well, that IS a huge tool.
Someone who understands.There was an uproar. The split was delayed for many months due to shareholder legal action.Nobody's voting influence has changed yet.Correct. Everybody had the same number of votes after the split that they had before, contrary to DED's idea that Google somehow took votes away from people.
That happened almost immediately to nobody's surprise. Today class c shares (GOOG) were around 517 and class a shares (GOOGL) were around 522. The reason has nothing to do with dilution, which was the point of my correction for Corrections. Now, I have no doubt that Google's plan is to never issue any voting stock again, but rather use the non-voting class c shares for compensation and possibly for making acquisitions. That way, no matter how many class c shares they...
Google's issuance of Class C stock did not create any new votes, nor did it remove any votes from the owners of the Class A stock (who received the newly issued Class C shares on a one for one basis). The voice of the shareholders is just as diluted or concentrated as it was before the issuance. If someone sells their Class A shares and keeps their Class C shares, their voice will disappear, obviously (but then it will be owned by another person, so no real change in the...
You are ignoring eight years of iTunes festivals.
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