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whistling past the graveyard
Maybe they know there are not enough people affected by this to be concerned.
It happened to my iPad3 and iPhone5 when they were plugged in to the charger. Unless there is a preference setting somewhere I don't know about, IOS seems to default to something like "download updates when not busy" for system updates. I still had to push the install button to actually install the software. That part was not automatic.
It depends on what you mean by "too big". The DJIA is weighted based upon share prices, so AAPL at$480 would have an inordinate effect on the average, when most of the others are below $100. AAPL is not too big based upon market cap. Note that Exxon is a DJIA component and it has been higher in market cap than AAPL most of the time. If AAPL were to split its stock 5 to 1 and bring the price down to around $100, then it would not be "too big" anymore. (Not to say I...
One other thing investors do is fund startup companies. For example, Apple might never have gotten off the ground without capital from investors.
They did not automatically install anything. I didn't say that. They did, however, download it to my devices without me requesting it. Check out this screenshot, showing the update as "downloaded". (maybe they have me confused with John McCain )I clicked the install button right after taking the screenshot and it went straight to "verifying update", no internet activity showing on my DSL modem.
I was planning to wait a couple weeks before downloading IOS7, but it seems Apple pushed the download to both my iPad 3 and iPhone 5 while they were plugged in recharging. I did not know they did things like that. Guess I might as well install it.
The analysts covering AMZN were reported to have been extremely excited when Bezos showed them his third leg. Price targets were raised.
It's only a few weeks until Apple's next earnings report. Gene will have an opportunity to showcase his forecasting mastery again soon.
Apple-built things are known to have high resale value.
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