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Are you sure there isn't one Snowden in Russia?
Why do Solar City and Musk need Apple? They are already doing it themselves.
you beat me to it. I was thinking a MIDI air drums controller.
Well, if you were aware of it, it seems odd that you made such a lengthy rant about how physical dials were better than a garbage touch screen. Now you have changed your argument to that the controls are stupid and slow. Personally, I prefer to not take my hand off the steering wheel to reach down and adjust the climate controls, when I can just make the adjustments with my right thumb. I haven't noticed the speed of the adjustments being any kind of hardship, and I...
You are mistaken. The Model S climate control ON/OFF, temperature, and fan speed may be controlled using the right steering wheel scroll wheel OR by using the touch screen.
I think it will be highway first, and within just a few years. Tesla now has traffic aware cruise control, which enables the car to maintain a user selected distance from the car in front of it. It now has automatic detection of lane departures, and Tesla has announced the intention to support automatic steering of lane changes, by the driver merely using the turn signal. They already have automatic collision avoidance, by using regenerative braking and anti-lock...
October 9th, eh? I'll just wait until around Thanksgiving and watch it on Netflix.
When they start using drone delivery, having thousands of locations from which to launch will be handy.
Well, it IS an Aaron Sorkin script.
It looks like BIS to me. That's bipolar investor syndrome.
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