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Or for taking photos of celebrities for supermarket tabloids.
Pull! BOOM!
California once had state mental institutions, until noted liberal governor Ronald Reagan closed them down because of the amount of taxes required to maintain them.
I have observed that, even if Apple doesn't drop a supplier, the supplier's stock starts mirroring AAPLs price movement, bogus rumors and all.
Don't you people recognize a "Poe" when you see such an obvious one? Ignore it.
Maybe they figure that Stockton is so bankrupt, they won't be able to afford to legally stop the infestation.
Clearly that is the perception GoldmanSachs would like people to have, but I think the vampire squid is thoroughly and fundamentally corrupt. This association will onlydiminish Oppenheimer's reputation and make Apple's altruistic gestures look hypocritical.
Solipsism is Ramsay Snow.
Try this:
This really makes me wish Apple would spend every dollar they have available to buy back shares right now.Short squeeze Barclays into a grease spot.
New Posts  All Forums: