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Putting the Beats products under Schiller might only be temporary. It could be like a quarantine period where Apple decides if they can be integrated into Apple's existing design organization, or need to be kept separate permanently, or sold off. Integrating acquisitions can be disruptive and I think Apple's approach with Beats seeks to minimize the disruption to current development work.
Don't you think he will make inspirational halftime speeches to motivate Griffin and Paul to flop better?
Ming-Chi Kuo is trying to improve his batting average.
For every orchestral composition made on an iPad, there must be thousands of rap songs created in garage band on iPad.
I get it. The deal is off because Dr. Dre lied on his resume.
And now that there's another leak, the certainty just dropped to 20%.
Teflon for which they did not pay a licensing fee.
If there really is a deal in the works, I hope the delay is for renegotiating the price due to the music moguls running off at the mouth. A couple hundred million should be about right for violating non-disclosure agreements. If they are going to work at Apple, they have to be less about grabbing the spotlight and more about advancing the team.
I heard it was due to supply constraints.
This would have been good advice to follow when you were arguing with drblank about the relative levels of achievement of mastering a musical instrument and programming a rap song into recording software.
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