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If they are seven miles offshore, they will still be within U.S. territorial waters. They will have to go farther out.
A further increase in revenue and a further postponement of profitability.
I also found "iTunes software and services reached $4.4 billion in the quarter, a 22% year over year increase." to be quite encouraging.
My wish:1. Deny Icahn's demand for a massive tender offer.2. Tell him to take a long walk on a short pier.3. Wait for him to dump his shares in frustration.4. Increase the buyback authorization to take advantage of the resulting price decline.Apple retires a large number of shares at a better price and Icahn gets no benefit.
How many corporate executives will have to eat their trash talking about Apple before they understand it is a bad idea?
OK, anyone want to take credit for the new icons?
They spelled "decried" wrong.
I find I get fewer one-handed mistakes with the iOS 7 pass code screen. The space between numbers helps my accuracy and the numbers are still easily reachable.
My unrequested downloads seem to have been done over wi-fi when my devices were plugged in charging. I wonder if going into airplane mode before plugging in would prevent the os downloads.Apple might make automatic os update downloads a settings option, since there seems to be a noticeable amount of discontent over this.
It's Yerba Buena, as in GOOD weed.
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