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Samsung ripped off Pryor, who ripped off Eldredge Cleaver.
You would have more time if you could reduce the time you spend on anal probes.
You forgot this:
It must be difficult getting approval for public dissemination of talking points on a Friday afternoon.
march, march, march, march march, march, march, march.....
Maybe they should have called it "iWork Essentials for Mac". I hope they add back all the features faster than Intuit has added back Quicken for Mac features.
It is good you can admit it.Good attempt at obfuscation, but not as good as your goldfish riff.
The glass house owners decided that throwing more stones would be unwise?
There may turn out to be some unanticipated expenses for using the "free" operating system. If Samsung is really moving away from using Android, this suit may hasten the process.
Love that they filed the suit in the eastern district of Texas. I hope I live long enough to see the final outcome.
New Posts  All Forums: