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It's like she flips a coin.
Don't say nobody
The bluetooth is useful if you want to stream recorded music from another device, but you wouldn't use it for playing live. There is too much latency. For playing live you attach the iLoud to the headphone jack of your IOS device. I think the intended purpose of the iLoud is for practicing when you are away from where you keep your real amps. It is really much more portable than even a tiny Fender amp. The emulations are mediocre, in my opinion, but ok for practicing....
The review doesn't mention that the unit goes into a "standby" mode if it doesn't receive input for a period of time. According to the little manual that comes with it, that period of time is supposed to be several minutes and the iLoud is supposed to go back into the active mode when it receives input again. The unit I have goes into standby intermittently when it doesn't receive input for only a few seconds, and does not come back on again when input is resumed. I...
You gotta love the Steven Colbert name-dropping.
Or for taking photos of celebrities for supermarket tabloids.
Pull! BOOM!
California once had state mental institutions, until noted liberal governor Ronald Reagan closed them down because of the amount of taxes required to maintain them.
I have observed that, even if Apple doesn't drop a supplier, the supplier's stock starts mirroring AAPLs price movement, bogus rumors and all.
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