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I'm going to go out on a limb and predict Google will pull data FROM the application requests.
Mr. Hankey
or you?
I think Tim is mistaken. It will be the year of the goat.
Here is a quote from Apple's web pages about using iTunes Radio:"While you’re listening, you can make adjustments by tapping Play More Like This or Never Play This Song."I have found that this is a very important step in creating a customized radio station that you enjoy. If you make only 3 or 4 adjustments it makes a huge difference in the applicability of the songs it chooses. You gave up way too soon.
Good. Maybe they will buy a bunch of furnaces from GTAT and Apple can get some of their money back.
They must have incriminating photos of the board of directors that have kept them from being sacked, so far.
They're saving their money for an Apple TV set, right Gene?
Not necessarily. The judge might have recognized that the case had no merit and wanted to get a definitive verdict on the record. That is what Apple's attorneys said they wanted.
New Posts  All Forums: