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Sorry Constable, but this is just too wacky to let slide. Institutions and mutual funds own 62% of Apple. At the current market cap, that amounts to $280 billion. Do you really think they would invest that much if they thought Apple was going under?
Profit-postponing moves have worked well for AMZN. This is another one.
Lamentably, finding Apple opaque
Inductive charger for iWatches
I hope Samsung spends tens of millions of dollars advertising this. They won't sell very many, but they will plant the idea in people's minds that a wrist-wearable device might be useful. Then when Apple releases something superior, there will be instant acceptance and demand.
I think I remember one or more people on AI predicting this when it was announced that Elop was hired by Nokia.One thing this does is eliminate Microsoft as a potential bidder for Blackberry. Now who wants BBRY?
Tim wants to steal his French fries
and the new CEO will be a bigger tool than the one being replaced?
Not Yoko. Pattie Boyd.
Deortes is for watching sorts.
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