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Maybe they figure that Stockton is so bankrupt, they won't be able to afford to legally stop the infestation.
Clearly that is the perception GoldmanSachs would like people to have, but I think the vampire squid is thoroughly and fundamentally corrupt. This association will onlydiminish Oppenheimer's reputation and make Apple's altruistic gestures look hypocritical.
Solipsism is Ramsay Snow.
Try this:
This really makes me wish Apple would spend every dollar they have available to buy back shares right now.Short squeeze Barclays into a grease spot.
Elon Musk is the epitome of a serial entrepreneur. He has big ideas and develops companies to advance them, and once established HE LEAVES TO WORK ON THE NEXT IDEA. The idea that he would want to run a huge established company like Apple is a fond wish for some people, but strikes me as impossible. WIth regard to Tesla, Musk has only said that he will stay around until after their moderately priced car is on the market. Look for him to resign in 3 or 4 years. Musk's...
Looks like Comcast is going to acquire Time Warner Cable. Will the merged company deal with Apple?
No. Everyone knows something.
So that's about $80 million in dividends they won't be paying this quarter.
Everybody against this is a pencil-necked geek.
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