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I wonder if he plays the banjo.
I understand Samsung has hired Gilbert Gottfried to be their voice.
When a federal court judge is biased, it deserves condemnation. There is no requirement for impartiality for forum posters. The post you quoted is not ironic or hypocritical.
Either Apple did a good job of mitigating or the analysts did a bad job of pegging.
It seems they may have learned something from interviewing people standing in line at Apple stores.
The analyst probably meant calendar quarter, rather than fiscal quarter. This confusion happens a lot and it would be helpful if articles would specify which type of quarter they are referencing.
If Icahn dumps his AAPL shares in a fit of pique, I hope Apple immediately expands their buyback program to take advantage of the decline.
Icahn's tweet makes it sound like Tim told him to shut up and wait for the earnings release (in about 3 weeks).
It is not the way the Stephen King book ended, but it would be funny if Apple bought the last episode and it was revealed that the dome was generated from a secret Apple data center to protect the world from the spread of Windows devices.
New Posts  All Forums: