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Floppers!, Floppers!, Floppers!, Floppers!
mmmmmmmmmm….Rosie Perez dancing
How does this help Amazon?
Maybe it was made and posted by some Beats employees who were not offered good jobs at Apple. They know there is a party and they are not invited.
No matter how old a joke is, there is always someone who thinks they are the first person to figure it out.
Screw the courts. Hire a Kuklinsky.
I wouldn't be surprised. I can imagine there are a number of judges who consider her an embarrassment to the profession.
Corning just reported their earnings, and Gorilla Glass sales for last quarter were about flat and projected sales for next quarter are only up about 10%. If Apple is not going to use sapphire one might think that Corning would have received huge orders for Gorilla Glass for those tens of millions of iPhones Apple is expected to produce.
Om not shure
I read (I think it may have been on Fortune) that Gene said his expectations for an Apple television in 2014 were waning.
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