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Several of these apps seem to depend upon a lot of analytics data. It makes me wonder how IBM and their clients are accumulating these data, or if they already have. These apps seem to enable the situation where companies and government entities seek to know everything about individuals. Will we be given an opportunity to not participate?
are you suggesting Jim Carrey should play Jobs?
Retainers from whom? I would think they took the case on the speculation that they would make a nice percentage of the judgement.edit: nevermind, I see you are talking about Apple's attorneys.
The award is absurd all right. It should have been tripled.
Speaking of plugging holes, I would be pleased if he would plug his pie hole.
Obviously they have a secret plan for success
Wait a minute. I thought the position of the DOJ was that mobile devices which protect privacy caused children to die.
Precisely. Obviously the quotation was meant as satire. Zappa's personal feelings were the opposite of the quote. He was mocking freetards. Surprised you didn't get it.
Does the Stream support Flow?
So are you going to leave your short position open for another two months to get that last 1%?
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