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My unrequested downloads seem to have been done over wi-fi when my devices were plugged in charging. I wonder if going into airplane mode before plugging in would prevent the os downloads.Apple might make automatic os update downloads a settings option, since there seems to be a noticeable amount of discontent over this.
It's Yerba Buena, as in GOOD weed.
Although that is a meaningless thing to hope for, you will probably see it happen if Google's 2 for 1 stock split ever goes through.
I just hope they haven't flattened the graphics within the app the same way. Garageband is one place where the skeumorphic graphics really work.
They probably have been using Apple products a long time and remember the ClarisWorks (or AppleWorks) suite of applications.
Oh no. Samsung is really going to get chided now.
It was not necessary when Steve Jobs was alive, but many people have bemoaned Tim Cook's presentation skills and suggested that Apple needs someone new to be their face at keynotes. Maybe my post would have been better placed if I had referenced Ahrendts' Tedx talk about which several posters seemed impressed. I don't think Apple would require a precedent of a retail SVP having done product demos previously, if they felt they had hired a new one whose passion was...
We still have a lot to cover
She's going to have to learn to relax in front of crowds if she is going to do product release presentations for Apple.
"Down on Me"?
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