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There is an iPhone app for model S which allows the car to be unlocked and started, but it works through the internet connection, rather than NFC, and is not currently enabled to use TouchID.
Maybe they will use all their profits from this new phone to purchase the rights to make the iPod Classic from Apple.
I agree. CurrentC looks very much inferior when compared side-by-side with Pay. Nobody aware of the facts would use CurrentC.Apple certainly would have nothing to fear in their own stores.
If somehow CurrentC caught on, the MCX partners would be capable of exchanging vast amounts of consumer data. This would make it less necessary to utilize Google for creating targeted advertising. I'm a little surprised that Google's astroturfers haven't been more vocal in opposing CurrentC around here.
Is there a market for thousands of sapphire furnaces? Why are you so sure the loan will be paid off, even in four years?
There are only a few troll codependents who live to bicker with the trolls. If you block the codependents as well as the trolls, it makes reading the forum much more pleasant.
They will probably have to do it without ever getting payment in advance. Who would trust them after this performance? Where will they get financing? Looks bleak from here.
What a coincidence. That's the same thing Jimmy said when the buyout agreement was reached.
At least it sounds like he has made up his mind already, like Judge Cote. He appears to have swallowed GTAT's arguments at this early stage.
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