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Wonder if their EPS guesses take into consideration a lower share count.
Say, Dick, isn't the corporate headquarters of Safeway located in Pleasanton, CA.? I consulted for a while at their DP shop in Oakland, CA right near where the freeway collapsed in that earthquake.
Cheer up! Maybe some company from an anti-American country will make a donut pillow cover that color and then you can have something to match the gold iPhone.
Lots of people in the Bay Area like that color of gold.
as contrasted with reasonable nonsense
I didn't follow all the links in the article, but if this one is not there, it should be.
China Mobile?
I think both of your reasons are contributing to the price rise. Also, when a famous 'corporate activist' publicizes taking a large position, it strongly motivates short sellers to buy shares and close out their positions, rather than risk getting steamrolled by a quick change in the psychology of the market with regard to AAPL. There are also a significant number of people who just follow in the wake of people like Icahn and Buffett and imitate their portfolio moves. ...
Woohooooo! All he has to do is quadruple his purchases and he will own 1% of Apple. His position may be large for him, but it represents only a small portion of Apple.
Munster made some unambiguous predictions. That will make it easy to evaluate him pretty soon.
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