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I hope the ad-free stations are also self-promotion-free. I have had SiriusXM free trials a few times, in newly purchased cars, and the interruptions to the music for promotions of other SiriusXM channels are every bit as annoying as any other commercial. I can really do without any narcissistic blathering from DJs also. Just play a bunch of good music, like my iPod on shuffle.
I hate that graphic for Siri. It looks like what I see before getting a migraine.
Aren't they planning to open a design office in Japan, too? It could be that they don't have a comfortable amount of yen for their plans.
Woodland, eh? That explains the huge concrete thing I saw on an extra-wide semi truck on South 680 Wednesday.
The constitutional separation of powers would make such an investigation unlikely.
Plus you might see a little science on SyFy.
It's even more difficult when you don't know the stock symbols of the companies in which you invest.
GTAT hired an arsonist, but he was many months behind schedule.
Luca Maestri is Chief Financial Officer
New Posts  All Forums: