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I linked to the article because it provided a concise explanation of how the Reuters article was deliberately misleading. It wasn't an appeal to authority argument.Tesla is not losing money per unit. Their margin is around 25% on Model S. There are many sources for this information, if you don't trust BGR.
They are still working with Panasonic. They are, together, doing a lot of r&d on battery improvements. For example, they recently increased the capacity of their largest battery from 85kwh to 90kwh, without making it any bigger. I think this is the type of improvement we are likely to see. It is possible there will be some miraculous breakthrough, butsteady incremental improvements are certain. The fact that Tesla now has several years of experience with highcapacity...
I don't quite understand your comment. I think the Gigafactory is intended to produce batteries for all the Tesla models (up to 500,000 per year when completed) as well as their home and business Powerwall stationary batteries. I believe Panasonic is still a partner. It is going to take years to finish, but I think the initial phase is supposed to start producing next year. It is a long term investment, rather than a short term fix. I really think they are planning to...
That is correct, but Tesla is building the largest battery factory in the world in Nevada. They call it the Gigafactory. It will probably be fully online well in advance of Apple needing any car batteries. The Gigafactory, the worldwide network of charging stations, many new sales and service centers, expanding production lines for the Model X and Model 3, and designing and retooling for new models are some of the areas where Tesla is spending a lot of money. All of...
For all those proclaiming doom for Tesla, here is an article debunking the FUD click bait $4000 loss per car article: http://bgr.com/2015/08/11/tesla-model-s-profits-4000/ For people who are so sensitive to similar articles trying to make Apple look bad, you are surprisingly gullible in the case of Tesla. Try to understand their long term business plan and you might find that they are executing it very well indeed. Also, if Apple does eventually build a mass market...
Thou shalt not bitch when a beta has problems.
I think they have reached a point where they should cut their losses.
That's what got him disconnected.
How would that be any different? If you think AAPL is being manipulated now, what would prevent it from being manipulated in this other exchange with millions of participants? Do you imagine that the incentives for manipulation would disappear somehow?
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