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Downtrodden is way worse than beleaguered.
I first test drove one in San Jose. I didn't have an appointment. I just fell by and they weren't busy. It is probably better to call and make an appointment.
@flaneur, @fallenjt, @paxman, @mstone: you guys really should test drive a Model S… "it don't cost nuthin'"
Not entirely needless. That large front crumple zone, without an engine in it, is one of the things that makes the Model S so safe. Plus there is a frunk for storage.
You mean to say you don't eat Cheetos?!?!?!?!
Meanwhile, BTO forecasts that Apple will be takin' care of business.
Freudian typo
So Apple is doomed because 70% of their revenue comes from one product. I wonder what his target price is for Google, which gets over 90% of its revenue from one product.
Are you sure there isn't one Snowden in Russia?
Why do Solar City and Musk need Apple? They are already doing it themselves.
New Posts  All Forums: