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Whether or not there is any action by the SEC, there will certainly be class action shareholder lawsuits against GTAT's executives. They had better save some of their stock sale proceeds for attorney fees, unless their strategy is to spend it all on sex, drugs, and rock and roll and then file personal bankruptcy.
Quicksilver Messenger Service had a song named "It's Been Too Long", but not way too long.
Siri: " eeeeek! you're sitting on me"
Legere: This is an amazing supercomputer in your hand. What the f– are you putting it in your pants and sitting on it for? Seriously.
Hey wow man, what time is it?
I think he just misspelled "fornicator".
His loyalty is related, to some extent, to the fact that he still owns tens of billions of dollars worth of MSFT stock.
What he calls thoughts, most people call wishes.
I wonder too. Maybe the companies you list should try a business model which depends upon selling devices rather than accumulating data about individuals and see if they do any better.
You sound like a paranoid schizophrenic.No. What I am saying is the iPhone launch was completely overshadowed in the stock market by the Alibaba IPO today. No doubt many people trimmed their AAPL (and other) positions to raise funds to buy some BABA. If one just tries to analyze the movement of AAPL with blinkers on, one might see imaginary monsters.I was not and would not try to explain short term fluctuations of less than one percent in the price of a widely traded...
New Posts  All Forums: