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I'd say that words which are offensive are in an entirely different category than those which have historically been associated with violence. I believe offensive speech is and should be protected by law. However, in my opinion, there are also laws against "hate speech", because it leads to violence. It is a distinction with which the courts have struggled, but I think it is important to recognize.
Not sure if you are serious, but just in case you are: young white people who wish they were black have not endured hundreds of years of brutal mistreatment and systematic immiseration. They do get mocked once in a while, but I don't think that is enough to warrant removing any words from common usage.
Ready, fire, aim!!!!!
2199 of the 14682 songs on my iTunes library had to be uploaded. in some cases, the albums are not on the iTunes store, but in many cases, the match appears to have failed, even though the song is present in the store.
Cute satire doc. What I think you and Eric are omitting from your analyses is the influence of egotistical hubris on corporate decision making. Apple's leadership are not slack-jawed yokels, but neither are they immune from making mistakes in judgement. I agree with your identification of Iovine as being key to this fiasco. This whole incident seems to align well with everything I have read or heard about his way of dealing in the music industry.
It is hard for me to believe that Tim Cook is that Machiavellian. If this turns out well for Apple, it will be dumb luck. I think they will regret this in the long run, because there will be more instances of PR hostage taking. Already there are people calling for Apple to quit doing business in South Carolina, since Tim Cook has called for SC to stop flying the Confederate flag. The PR hostage takers will compare their issues to that of Taylor Swift and try to shame...
I hope the ad-free stations are also self-promotion-free. I have had SiriusXM free trials a few times, in newly purchased cars, and the interruptions to the music for promotions of other SiriusXM channels are every bit as annoying as any other commercial. I can really do without any narcissistic blathering from DJs also. Just play a bunch of good music, like my iPod on shuffle.
I hate that graphic for Siri. It looks like what I see before getting a migraine.
Aren't they planning to open a design office in Japan, too? It could be that they don't have a comfortable amount of yen for their plans.
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