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Clear and correct. How do you think splits are executed, if not by granting more shares to current owners?
People who could not afford $524.75 shares could drive up the price by buying $74.96 shares, or their impact could be insignificant.According to Yahoo finance, institutional ownership of AAPL is 62% today. Let's see how that changes after the split.
It isn't, but it isn't remedial reading either.
That's why they get paid the big bucks.
I think the reason is because the leagues with salary caps have players associations which have agreed to the caps in their collective bargaining agreements.
"Spook"? That is an unfortunate word to have used.
I hope they continue to improve the AI that occurs after the voice is understood. The other night I asked Siri which theater was showing "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and she replied "I can't look up things in Hungary".
He's hoping everyone will forget.
It's like she flips a coin.
Don't say nobody
New Posts  All Forums: