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Pigeons could be a problem too.
There, there…. ultimate driving machine, ultimate driving machine…. it's all better
Yeah. We need to see a photo of the ceiling.
Downtrodden is way worse than beleaguered.
I first test drove one in San Jose. I didn't have an appointment. I just fell by and they weren't busy. It is probably better to call and make an appointment.
@flaneur, @fallenjt, @paxman, @mstone: you guys really should test drive a Model S… "it don't cost nuthin'"
Not entirely needless. That large front crumple zone, without an engine in it, is one of the things that makes the Model S so safe. Plus there is a frunk for storage.
You mean to say you don't eat Cheetos?!?!?!?!
Meanwhile, BTO forecasts that Apple will be takin' care of business.
Freudian typo
New Posts  All Forums: