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Precisely. Obviously the quotation was meant as satire. Zappa's personal feelings were the opposite of the quote. He was mocking freetards. Surprised you didn't get it.
Does the Stream support Flow?
So are you going to leave your short position open for another two months to get that last 1%?
Prosumer? bleh. I'm waiting for the Paparazzi model.
How? By offering them tax breaks?
necrophilia was never going to make it to over-the-air tv
Looks like you'll have to up your game to remain the archetype.
Maybe the $5000 version will include lifetime free updates for the internals (like every 2 years or something).
I liked her in "Cadillac Records" and "Dreamgirls". She has plenty of talent, but it is sometimes concealed by her choice of material.
Kathy Bates
New Posts  All Forums: