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This provides a useful template for many more businesses, who may have been considering iPads but needed a little nudge from Apple.
Dozens of different languages are spoken in the US, notwithstanding the view which seems to be held by many outside the US, that all its residents are identical.
I'm never getting a haircut at SuperCuts again.
Curved beveled edges to make the feel more comfortable?
Not theological? I guess that leaves pecuniary.
You are probably correct in your statement of the basis of Apple's complaint. I wish their filing had stated it more like you did, rather than the bafflingly unclear and unpersuasive manner they did. (As an aside, we always read about how Steve Jobs micromanages almost everything that goes on at Apple. I don't believe that someone who communicates as succinctly as Jobs would have ever approved the wording of that filing. He must be delegating more, during his medical...
Maybe it is the difference between a denotation and a connotation. I don't know which, if either, is relevant in a trademark dispute.
If the words 'app store' together don't denote a store for apps, then what do they denote? I'm sorry, but this nit is beyond my capacity to pick.
I hope that no safety shortcuts were taken in order to increase iPad production.
Please explain how that would stop manipulation. Won't the max pain points just adjust to lower strike prices of options?
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