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You are mistaken.
Dammit, someone leaked the plot to my new movie.
Can you install 3rd party repair/recovery utilities in the recovery partition?
Whenever anyone asks me about Consumer Reports' position, I recommend to them that they also check the JD Powers consumer satisfaction surveys. Most people seem to be quite happy with their iPhones.
That would be an elitist-flummoxing update.
I hope they can get this working with a tablet/desktop combo.
Channeling George Carlin?
Everybody appreciates creative dangling.
You will have to figure out a way to reconcile the enormous cost of your suggestion with the "small government" and anti-regulation sentiment of the government, as currently constituted.
I think the rumors are designed to make money for short sellers, rather than buyers. Apple could nail the short sellers themselves if they would use some of their cash to purchase their own shares whenever this happens. I think the lesson would be learned very quickly.
New Posts  All Forums: