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They got THAT goin' for them.
missing KV
Mr. Ballmer will have to adopt a more plaintive tone when making his "developers, developers, developers, developers" chant.
That made good sense. Must be time to spark one.
Maybe it depended upon where you worked. If you are from a place where "program" is spelled "programme", the common parlance might be different from the S.F. Bay Area, where I worked. If a shop existed only to write application programs, I could see them shortening it to "programs". If the shop also managed their own data center, a distinction was made between "systems programmers", who maintained the OS and TP facilities, and "applications programmers" who wrote programs...
I think you are mistaken. Application programmer was a well known job title going back at least to the 1970's, in the IBM mainframe world. I know because I was one and I worked on applications.
Thanks for that. I wonder if, once you have your iTunes Library all matched in the cloud, you can sync a non-IOS iPod to the cloud version. This would be handy for me, because I have my main iTunes library of over 10,000 songs ripped as Apple Lossless. Even a 160GB iPod Classic doesn't hold everything, so I have been converting the Lossless tracks to 256kbs and syncing a playlist of the smaller format to my Classic. I would love for iTunes to just sync my iPod to the...
Mine just renewed too. I am hoping for about 4 years free.
"They shall suffer for this outrage with their lives" ... "Go Vulnavia and show our victims the full measure of our wrath" -- Dr. Anton Phibes
New Posts  All Forums: