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Looks good on you, though.
Where did you read that Apple said they don't make much from the iPad?
An East Texas jury award overturned as excessive. What a shock.
Maybe Sony made the batteries in it and he knows they are prone to fires.
Toyota currently licenses IP from Apple so that their audio systems can be advertised as able to control an iPod. If Apple takes offense to Toyota's corporate endorsement of jailbreaking IOS, it is conceivable that Apple would cease licensing to Toyota. That would be better characterized as unprofessional than genius, on the part of Toyota.
Oh no you di-unt.
How should I know?
From the article (emphasis added): "Mr. Murch is perfectly right to point out the convergence/focus problem as a limitation of the medium, but for him and Ebert (whom I have rebutted before on the topic) to consider it fatal is, in my opinion, a lack of imagination and faith in the ingenuity of filmmakers." I don't interpret that as saying that Murch is misguided, rather, it seems to agree he has a point. No doubt filmmakers can film things differently to make the effect...
Last time there was a rumor about 3D, someone posted a link to an article which explained that the way current electronic devices display 3D is different from the way the human eye is built to experience 3D. That basic incompatibility is responsible for the eye strain and vertigo many people get from viewing current 3D. Until there are some kind of holographic displays, I agree that 3D will remain a novelty. I do acknowledge that the presence of 3D cameras on an iPhone...
You had me going until you said Zune. Oh, and earnings are at least a little important to non-shareholders, because companies which don't have earnings don't continue to exist indefinitely.
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