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The mouse will come in handy for using all those Flash websites not designed for touch input (if there are still any left by the time Dell releases anything).
True. They dropped a deuce.
What about it? If I am remembering correctly, iTunes had the ability to rip/catalog/share on 5 authorized devices right from the beginning. Are you saying that Apple developed their software that way without having agreements with the labels in place? In light of the speed with which Sony objected to Amazon's actions, it seems unlikely that they would not have raised more of a stink about iTunes if they disagreed with the CD ripping/sharing functionality of iTunes,...
Chomsky would side with the anarcho-syndicalist company.
Apple had worked out agreements with the labels. Amazon apparently has not.
Ballmer keeps trying to get the Microsoft board of directors to go in that direction, but they have resisted him so far.
Google made me do it
Have you worked out how much you earned per hour for your efforts?
Amazon has taken quite a risk. I am eager to hear what they have to say, and if they will have to pull the service.
It looks like we should hope he guesses 3 right and 3 wrong.
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