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This would be an opportune time for Apple to buy AAPL.
You should have used the emoticon. Several people believed you.
I doubt if Netflix's agreements with the movie studios would survive a merger. In addition, Apple would have absolutely no interest in the physical disk storage/shipping/management part of the Netflix business. Don't expect this to happen.
wilco, if you are out there, I think it is only fitting that you return and deliver the eulogy.
Dammit, now I have to tear up another movie script.
Now that there has been a teardown, I hope we get a bill of materials estimate for the covers.
Because a docking station is the same as a cover?
Not yet. They are working on a new pathos-based advertising campaign.
Don't forget to add online orders on day 1 to your estimates. I think that is how the "pro" analysts' estimates get so high.
New Posts  All Forums: