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Ballmer keeps trying to get the Microsoft board of directors to go in that direction, but they have resisted him so far.
Google made me do it
Have you worked out how much you earned per hour for your efforts?
Amazon has taken quite a risk. I am eager to hear what they have to say, and if they will have to pull the service.
It looks like we should hope he guesses 3 right and 3 wrong.
Apparently IDC does not believe Apple will broaden or deepen its phone portfolio between now and 2015.
Dogs will only chew on them if they contain homework.
What's wrong. Didn't they love you as much as your mommy?
Don't be deceived. You are just a brain in a jar being injected with bursts of energy (thoughts about external beings) by a supernatural entity. All you can be sure of is that you think, therefore you are.
'droid enthusiasts despair
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