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The possibilities sound great, but doesn't this mean you are going to have a lot of work setting it up for all of your relatives?
Quite right. As in "JP Morgan: Apple's iPad rivals reduce build plans after 'early dose of reality'" article from yesterday.
Although it must be said that a blind rampage by Apple would be supremely entertaining. You know, stepping on cars and knocking down buildings and so forth.
Combining this with shared calendars will allow wives to nag husbands remotely.If Apple can create a system to allow people to know when the cable installer will arrive, they will truly have the killer app.
Be sure to separate theses based upon US surveys and theses based upon world sales into two piles. That should help alleviate the appearance of inconsistency. And plus you get two piles.
He's a lot like Jesse Owens.
Ballmer affectionately calls them walrus team 6.
People want GUI access.
Elop = trojan horse Declare EOL for Symbian and make several downward earnings predictions tanking NOK stock, negotiate sale of mobile division to Microsoft at below market price, go back to work for Microsoft.
So as of last week, Apple hadn't requested any components from Samsung to certify? Hmmmmm
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