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From wikipedia: One criticism of EPUB is that, while good for text-centric books, it is unsuitable for publications which require precise layout or contain advanced formatting. Examples of such publications are comic books and technical books.
The bigger roadblock is that the OS is not designed to have local storage for the media files that iTunes depends on, therefore no iTunes on Chrome OS.
The new nano and the classic support Lyrics. Clicking center button now cycles through Volume, Scrubber, Ratings, a new Shuffle Mode, and then full screen lyrics (all other options just update the bootom of the screen). Unfortunately Artwork has been dropped from the cycle so you can't see the album artwork full-screen.
Service Plans brochure available in Apple stores the first day of sales said: "International Roaming: Substantial charges may be incurred if phone is taken out of the U.S. even if no services are intentionally used." I assume there is similar wording in the activation/contract agreement. It may suck that you can't unlock the phone, but I don't think Apple or AT&T were being misleading or deceptive.
Of course there is no iTunes Store widget on the iPhone either... I suspect Flash might come to the iPhone before the iTunes Store.
As posted on the comment board over at Macrumors by carfac, Apple applied for the U.S. Trademark "Multi-touch" for handheld mobile digital electronic devices on June 30, 2007. You can find it by doing a search for "multi-touch" in the US PTO's Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) using the New User Form Search: http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/gate.exe?...glish&p_d=trmk
"There's no way to "fix" the text entry "problem" without destroying the minimal Zen of the entire device" I think text editing is a critical feature. I'm sure the folks at Apple can come up with a multi-touch solution to this. Here's one I came up thinking about it for a minute or two, no claims that it doesn't have faults, just that I think you could come up with something that worked. When in text mode with the cursor inserted. Touch the screen with 2 fingers (or...
The activation video shows that you can add 1500 SMS msgs for $10/month and unlimited SMS for $20/month.
Extracted this from the service agreement in the activation video: "If you terminate this Agreement before expiration of your Service Commitment, you will pay Cingular an Early Terminatin Fee of $175 for each wireless telephone number associated with this service. To terminate this agreement, call customer service." It is safe to assume that the iPhone will not be usable as far as syncing content from iTunes until it is activated. Not sure whether they would...
I wouldn't be surprised if this is just for Widgets. No XCode, just Dashcode. It would open up the iPhone to custom apps without a huge amount of risk of apps crashing the phone.
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