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when the iphone was 1st unveiled i almost died of joy, and i told myself i was going to buy the 8gig model as soon as it came out. But as i began to think it through, i wanted an iphone less and less... all i really wanted was a widescreen touch ipod with at least 30gigs of storage (hopefully with camera). does anyone know if apple has plans to make one?
well... video on mobile phones already sks... but im pretty sure it will support video... but if it doesnt it doesnt bother me. and 2mp pretty decent for a phone... ive seen some pics taken on a 2mp phone (the enV) and the quality isnt all that bad.
they should have made it smaller.. how is supposed to sit atop our ultra thing plasmas?
after reading this article on yahoo (http://tech.yahoo.com/blogs/null/12071) i was so psyched... but then i reread it and i was confused by this part "Cingular EDGE (no 3G service!) for your phone calls.". Does this mean its an exclusive cingular phone? if thats the case im so bummed out... i have a contract with verizon and im very happy with their service and have no intention of switching...
im running 2.x on my mac... and ichat is gone... i went to the apple website to download ichat and the version they have up there isnt compatible with my mac... where can i download an older version of ichat... i spent almost 1 hour looking for it. i dont feel like updating my mac because im just too lazy... if u have any information that can help email me @ ryanisalifestyle@gmail.com AIM=ryanisalifestyle YIM=ryanisalifestyle (its easier to keep track...
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