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  I'll be annoyed if the 17" doesn't come back, retina display or not.
Yep, that's a fair re-write. FWIW, I haven't been following the various previews, and the article that this thread is based upon only mentions the most recent preview. So now that I know that Rosetta has been missing from every preview seen so far, I'll certainly grant that it's close to certain that Rosetta is dead in the water.
I'm trying to avoid jumping to conclusions based solely on the latest developer release. Am I being overly cautious? Perhaps.
I feel the same way. Until now I was nonetheless planning to upgrade to Lion, simply to stay up to date. But if Rosetta is really being dumped -- still a big if -- suddenly it seems that the disadvantages greatly outweigh the ever-so-modest benefits that Lion promises.
Actually, I'm right with you. I didn't mean to sound negative myself -- I'm really looking forward to SL on its own merits. But I've heard enough "negativity" to make me wonder if the majority of users would need a few obvious inducements to upgrade.
I'm wondering if Apple might offer SL bundled with some new-release apps. A lot of people probably won't want to pay to upgrade to an OS with very few new features, so this way the apps become the "features".
I'm waiting for Aperture 3, expecting that it's been delayed because it requires Snow Leopard. What other apps will become Snow Leopard only?
Mac users, for the most part, aren't quite as obsessed with rumours as they used to be. The move to Intel chips reduced the interest in CPU-related speculation, and Apple's new-found stability gives us all a chance to stop worrying about the health of our favourite electronic fruit. Thank god for Pentax then! Hanging around Pentax forums is like this place was six or more years ago. Right now Pentax users around the world are feverishly speculating about the...
Well I'm itching for an Aperture upgrade. I haven't been in AI for a while, but I came here hoping for some whispers about A3. In the absence of any sources, I'll predict that A3 will have a lot more tools for PS-style manipulation. Some of those tools are there already, but they're difficult to access.* So it seems like a safe assumption that when Apple is ready to boast about Aperture's image manipulation prowess, it will make those features readily accessible....
I find that Genius is very slow to process its results also (I'm on a MacBook Pro). Does anyone know why this is? My best guess is that it relates to the size of your music library -- mine is very large, so I suppose that Apple is sending a lot of metadata through every time I sync my iPod.
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