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That would be good. I think the present situation is silly.
I bought my wife a Nano (8Gb) for Christmas, and when I try to copy tracks across I get a -48 (unknown) error, unable to update iPod. I have restored and updated to 1.1.1, same result. The tracks copy across to my 2gen iPod without difficulty. Anyone got any ideas? Before the stars go from her eyes?
I get a lot of crashes from Firefox 2 (G4 Powerbook & Power Mac G5). Camino looks nice, but doesn't seem to be as powerful, so Safari cuts it for all round browsing pleasure for me.
1 for my wife, my 2nd Gen is still going strong.
Can anyone help with what seems a very off problem. I live in the UK but have a house in France, for which I wanted a Mac, rather than be constantly taking laptops back and forth. My son in the USA (A Mac Genius) had a G4 iMac surplus to requirements so he checked it all out, everything was fine, and shipped it over to the UK. This is a US-bought machine. As soon as I plugged it in (before switching it on) it blew the main power trip. I took it to an Apple reseller who...
Has anyone experienced Aperture provoking a kernel panic when entering sleep mode on a G5? Very noticeable, as it sets all the fans off. 1.5.2 looks like it may have cured the problem.
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