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You got that right. "Roughly" being the key word, here. Both of those additions are so poorly integrated that they're practically unusable. I'll admit I've only dabbled with FCS, but in Color, try getting Geometry Room pan and scans to re-import into FCP, for instance. Why didn't they just delete the feature from Color if it wasn't going to work? I would be completely happy if they do a Snow Leopard-style cleanup that based on performance and stability, as opposed to...
If it's USB, it's glacial. If it's USB 2, it can actually be quite fast. Not quite FW800 fast, but better than FW400--at least on my Mac Pro.
I'm in, too. I'd at least pay another $15.
I'm not at all surprised by the business vs. consumer numbers. I've been using two minis as web/mail/app servers for almost two years, now, and they've proved to be very reliable. Granted we've got fairly low traffic compared to enterprises, but I've had zero downtime that I didn't cause myself by my own UPS and firewall carelessness or during updates/upgrades. I've got a third mini that I bought at the same time that's just sitting there ready to switch over the moment...
At last, a well reasoned post in this thread. Nice one, MFD!
Don't forget that to get the deal done three or four years ago, Apple, who still seen as a one-hit wonder with the maturing iPod, had to convince an entrenched, old-school wireless provider to ditch their business model. It was not a trivial matter to get AT&T to change the game, including doing away with giveaway phones, charging a flat fee for unlimited data access, etc. Remember, Apple didn't even have a functioning prototype until late 2006. As it was, they signed up...
Agreed. I just dropped $30K on an HD deck, with the add-in cards. Software's next to nothing in comparison. I just wish Adobe would stop the bloat and make things more reliable. I really like After Effects CS3, but every other piece of software in CS3 (I use Photoshop and Illustrator a lot) is slow and crashy.
Coverflow, huh? You know, the one thing I've always thought was missing from accounting software was an emulation of desperate shuffling through receipts at the end of the year, trying to find that one write-off. It's a wondrous day.
I agree with you as far as Adobe is concerned. I'd rather they just spend another 18 months streamlining CS3. It's a bloated piece of crap. Let's hope that developments like Chrome and Snow Leopard are a step in the right direction, though, as far as responsible coding is concerned.
Wow, and to think, we went global from a single line post that was a joke.
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