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Hi all, I am puzzled i cant find a way to do this conversion on the internet, even if i am willing to pay for the software. I simply need this: I have a bunch of videos in MKV container format. They are encoded in H264. I would like to convert them *without re-encoding* to the MP4 container format, to allow them to play on iPad. This should be a fairly simlpe task for a software right?` However, i have not been able to find a one-step solution yet. And what more...
thank you. I have always wondered why the obvious advantages of using a pen on the ipad for drawing and taking notes were not utilized. You explained it. We'll see if the ipad2 gets better on this point.
https://www.applesecuritiessettlement.com I received a letter from my bank today to go check out this page for stock holders. Can anyone explain me if this is worth looking into, and if you guys are taking any action? best,
We have to not forget the fact that apple TODAY is almost the largest company on the planet in terms of stock value. There is simply a limit to how much more the stock can be worth. I personally think we will see modest growth to around 3-400 $. After this there will possibly be the next new thing comming up. And also the next decade will see a complete reshuffle of inovation and economic power globally. In 2040-50 only countries as brazil, iran, turkey, mexico and african...
I seriously mean this. Sony is the only electronics firm i have ever bought tv's, pocket cameras and dv cam's from. And there is a reason for that. Sony's products have always had a strong sense of design and culture in them. They invented the walkman remember? The trinitron tvs, bluray, and playstation. These are really highly regarded brands on par with Apple's. You dont find that from any other electronics producer.They have had their failures, but they innovate all...
I can see this happen. These are the only two companies from which i have alwyays admired the product's design, usability and innovation. Sony is in my opinion the clear leader of home entertainment equipment out there. This would put apple on top of home/portable entertainment! They could launch real apple tv's. And enter the gaming market with Apple Playstation. THey would even own mobile company Sony ericson
What about buying Electronic Arts (5 bio)?
After a spilt, when the stock goes up 1$ in value during the day, you simply have double the jackpot, compared the stock rising 1$ before the splt. I think this has a huge psycological effect. And it might stimulate more and faster trading. Since stocks are traded within an acuracy of xx amount of cents, there must be a mathematical proof that a lower value in USD per stock means faster up's and downs for the stock. I am not sure what is the lowest value a stock can...
Mac Book Helium
Sorry for off topic...but when you think about it this is simply amazing. The Mac Pro of today supports easily 48 GB of RAM. That is 1,000,000 times more computing power in 28 years of evolution!That is like comparing a human being to a simple ant....except a human brain "only" has 400,000 times the amount of brain cells than an ant. (100 billion vs 250.000)The Mac pro of today is more powerful compared to the apple II, than a human compared too an ant.
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