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I was thinking, how much is Appel inc. actually worth if you would buy the company. Is the market capitalization the same number as the value of the company? Right now Apple inc. has around 70 million stocks which are worth 90$ each. So you could then buy entire Apple for $ 6.3 billion, or how does this work? Let's just compare to Skype which was sold to Ebay for 2.6 billion. I mean Apple inc. must be worth ALOT more than Skype. Apple just made a profit of 1...
aargh....gave up
and why again should this topic be sticky?
Dont watch this movie if you like ipods to much: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8H29...elated&search= the series is kinda hilarious tho
20 minutes later: 97.46 are we reaching 100 today?
this seems very resonable! Also if you look at Apple.com, they have put the iphone in its own new catagory. Not with the ipod products. And when they launch a cheap ipod nano style of phone, thats when they are REALLY gonna get a grab of much more than 1% of the mobile market. imagine like 5% of the market. That would be 50 million units sold a year! insane
Now 92.70. lets hope for a record breaking all time closing high! (temporary insane topic. iknow )
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But isn't the whole iTV thing about High def movies? Why would you even want to launch a download service today if it isn't HD? I mean almost every single TV that is sold today is HD ready. So i think iTV is gonna be a service for downloading HD movies and shows. THAT would be a huge business, since you cant really get HD movies elsewhere, and almost everybody owns a HD tv. The question is, how much bandwith do you actually need to be able to stream a...
Very plausible i think! The graphics does indeed associate to a movie theater projection. Would it possible for Apple to sell HD movies via itunes/iTV using the h.264 codec? How big a file would be needed for a full HD resolution (1920x1280) Movie? With all the HD ready TVs around, that would be a major business! The HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are both gonna be obsolete : - )
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