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you could be right. But my ipod 4G and 5G work and charges fine. Strange. I love the boom box tho!
I tried to plug the phone in the Apple Hifi boom box. Got the message that it was not supported and would not even charge? Is that really true? I thought all ipods/iphones would work with the Hifi?
Get over it, and stop hating. Everyone today watches "illegal" music videos on youtube, or downloads MP3's or movie torrents. Days are over when music/movie companies could earn zillions selling medias. It was a short time: basically from the 1950's to the 1990' there was big money in copying and mass distributing media. Before that showbizz was - well show business. We are just getting back to those days now, which is not all that bad. Movie theaters and concerts are...
Seriously what are they going to do with those? What would actually be possible scenarios?I always hoped they would buy autodesk for example to own the architecture market. I guess that would maximum be a coupple of billions, they would still have 20-30 left
the original quote he was addressing was : "MacBook Air's were also updated with cheaper pricing" The apostrophe here is wrong...Plural of MacBook Air is MacBook Airs.
Im just saying that the old Macbook 13" with the 9400M was one of the most powerful 13" laptops out there. It outperformed the Sony SR, the Sony Z and the Lenovo models. Now the Sony SR is twice as fast as the macbook. (because of the 4570) It is just a fact. The Macbook 13" went from being Top-of-the-line to being half as fast. And at the same time they added the "pro" name. This is not for gaming only, but for "pro" 3D applications, and i guess all the Open CL stuff.
Yeah ok. I guess we will all feel the huge oopmh from the brand new 2.53 GHZ compared to last years 2.4 Ghz.A new graphics card like a 4570 or similar would have doubled the speed. Thats a fact.The 13" macbook is now twice as slow as the comparable sony 13" SR. Before it was considerably faster. Therefore this upgrade is at best hardly noticable, at worst making the macbook subpar.
They removed the 9600 GT card to make it cheaper. Instead of making it more awsome and keeping the price. Well a bump from 2.4 to 2.8 GHz in 9 months is hardly an event. Extra battery, and extra RAM limit is ok, but also hardly worth to mention. The fact is that today you can have DOUBLE or TRIPPLE as fast a machine for 3D applications and games by replacing the graphics card. Therefore it is the most important spec, even more important than the processor. Because it...
Same speeds, same display resolutions, same RAM (almost noone needs 8 GB), only worse options, not better, less money for a worse product. It all seems like PC marketing to me. It is almost like you can feel Jobs has been away. Gone is the good old Apple "no-compromises and clear Line-ups" Hello to a "dell" style webpage (try for example to go to the store and customize a mac book pro 13": They are now hiding the graphics card!! WTF happened to clarity?
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