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Basically this is a NON-event for the mac books /pros. They removed some features from the 15" (and made it cheaper) And renamed the 13" to "pro" Still more or less same processor speeds, Still same screen resolutions Still same dvd drives Still same enclosures Still same graphic cards and speeds (WTF?) As a comparison Sony just released a 13" SR with an ATI 4570, which almost equals a 9600 GT. So much for 9 months of evolution.
I think it looks legit. And the nicest looking iphone so far.
You all have to give the original poster credit for a pretty awsome video. Serious work and thought is put into this (as opposed to the lame first replies) Nice job! I think a tablet like this will come sooner or later. Most of your casual time on your computer today is spend on things where a physical keyboard is of little importance. Its the future man BTW wtf is with the title? dont get it
actually i think this function is quite good. Imagine holding a map in your hand that always faces north? You are standing on a street corner and its pretty obvious which way to go for people who are not used to looking at maps. This sounds quite smart.
Hi all, I have been wondering for a while. What is the general concept of clicking with a mouse on something? 1. Some things activate on the 'release' of the mouse button. For instance clicking on links in a browser, or (this is an old part of the list of annoyances to me) Photoshop polygon selecting tool activates on release, meaning that you cant make a fast selection because you have to hold the mouse still for every click you make. 2. Other things activate on...
1. exactly: You have to write msconfig in the "run" bar to control which programs are launched on start-up. So you basically have to know a secret code to go to this control panel. Why the F** did they leave this out of the grafical interface? And i honestly think that if you need to run some obscure 3rd party software (Ccleaner) to clean up your system after doing a clean install, and installing the basic software packages, there is something fundamentally wrong with the...
Thanks...sounds promising. Regarding outlook: It really takes that long. And not only to me but a lot of people i know. But i have come to the conclusion that microsoft software just suck in general. Have you tried Powerpoint 2007? A presentation can take up to several minutes just to save! When the same presentation in 2003 saved instantly. Im not alone on this: Try to read this blog post. Its funny 'cause its true:http://wanderingstan.com/2008-02-01/..._outlook_sucks
Thanks mr. HSounds good enough. I will buy one when snow leopard comes out then, when is it due?Any experience with entourage, with regards to compatibility with calender files, shared contacts, sahred calenders etc? Does it suck badly?And any other words on outlook web access, or how to access the exchange server when not on company network? Maybe Mail is the solution. If iphone can do it, a Mac laptop should also be able to right?
wow. thanks for the reply.are you serious. I have used macs/pc's professionally for more than 10 years, am "fluent" in the biggest software packages from microsoft, adobe, and autodesk. I know how the hardware work. I know the tweakings and settings. I use only relatively new machines, i even have a fking fresh install of windows with the lightest running antivirus software out there.Truth is:That software from adobe and microsoft have suffered so bad from bloated code (or...
Hi all, I'm getting sick of windows. It is a piece of s*** software. And funny enough NOT for all the reasons that people complain about. I actually think windows is quite stable, i don't have troubles with viruses and mal-ware, but the things i cant stand are: 1. I fking hate the start-up time. Its like after you have started up the pc and get to the desktop, you ave to wait several minutes before the system becomes responsible, because it is loading all kinds of sht...
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