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Get over it....Back in the days, most screens - also at companies doing graphical work - were GLOSSY crt screens. you know the trinitron ones? Glossy makes better contrast than matte.
get the 2.4 GHZ....It will "stay new" longer time, because its 12% faster. You can always add ram, and you probably dont need more than 2gb now anyway, since you are only using it for homework etc.
Well i think these upgrades makes sense. Except 3-5MP would do it. And the fingerprint would be lame and unnecessary. Maybe the local answering machine is also lame. You would still have to have a remote one when you are out of battery or network coverage...
You dont get viruses if you dont click on unknown exe or microsoft office files. Period. I have uninstalled virus software long ago, since having the software installed is like having a virus (especially norton):
thats 7:43 of my life i will never get back.
thanks for the link. But it's kinda hard to translate to real-world numbers. It looks like it actually reads around 50% faster than conventional disks....So all apps, file loading and booting will be 50% faster or what? Besides they didnt test the SSD that comes with the upgrade from Apple , but a different one. I could be awsome to see some real world numbers with the SSD suplied with apple.
Hi all, Has anyone found benchmarks that show the speed difference between the stock 5400 rpm drive and the 128 mb SSD upgrade on the (late 2008) macbook? How fast boot times? Photoshop start-up times? other benchmarks? it seems the harddisks are the main bottleneck causing computers today to feel slower than 5-10 years ago (just compare Photoshop 5.0 with CS3) Any speed difference in loading times will be a HUGE upgrade in my opinion. So i dont mind the extra...
hotmail is a horrible horrible email service, which i dont understand why anyone would use: 1. They delete your entire email account if you don't login for 30 days! (and the first time you will know about this little trick is when it happens for you, because they dont bother to tell people) You get NO warning.....just boom and you lost your email-life. What kind of company would deliberately force such a punishment over loyal customers?? 2. You get commercials and...
...who wants a 9300 graphics chip in a desktop when even the cheapest and thinnest notebooks have the 9400? I guess the imac needs a 9600 to become a gaming machine
....And quit whining about the glossy screens : ) Fact is that the picture looks alot better on a glossy screen because the black is more black. Remember that before flat screens ALL screens were glossy, and the Sony CRTs were even completely flat. Nobody whined about the glossyness back then. You would never think about giving a CRT monitor a mat surface would you?
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