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That, my friend, is pretty close. :0
when is the event actually going on?
Thats probably the ugliest laptop Apple ever made.....
Alot of Cable TV stations broadcast in 1080i. Basically the bandwith of digital cable today only alows for either 720p or 1080i.Most stations go with 720p but a few go with the much higher resolution 1080i. (interlaced) Unfortunately you only get to see half the picture at a time, resulting in a little more flicker.1080p though is THE ONLY FUTURE FOR TV and the sharpness is incredible. Apple knows that, and they know that nobody else provides an easy way to get content.So...
All cordless mouse sucks... The required batteries, the extra weight, the slow respond time (they DO lag conciderably) Its just not worth it. Get a lasermouse with a cord.
Only thing to worry about regarding the stock is that if steve dies from his pancreatic cancer soon (And I wish for him and his family that he is getting better and will live for many years more), the future of the firm is very unpredictable. Apple is steve jobs, i wonder where it will go without him.
Thanks....I got some air.. Ok Here is a list of things they should fix regardless of platform:Photoshop: - Add UNDO for accidentially closing a polygon lasso (it happens all the time, and there is nothing to do but start all over..... - REMOVE the f...cking "go to photoshop's webpage" button which is right next to the most used tool: the move tool. WHO wants to visit a webpage while clicking on the toolbar? WHO? This is spam, and should be illegal. (EDIT: sorry that was in...
The ONE AND ONLY THING Adobe needs to fix with this software is the SPEED. I cant accept that pressing ctrl-o requires 5 seconds before the open dialog appears!! (windows) What about thumbnail caching in the Adobe "open" dialog???? I cant accept that it has to regenerate thumbnails from 1 GB illustrator files EVERYTIME i use the dialog!!! Why Oh Why do they add new features (that nobody needs) before fixing the SPEED of this software. It has basically gone...
Very true!
Your right. I also made the comparisson with the Dell M1530. Basically i think it proves the point that the mac is not overpriced, when a similary spec'ed Dell cost *around* the same price. Macbook Pros are very competitive, The imacs are very competitive. The Mac Pro line on the other hand could use a mid-tower, but thats more a lacking product, not an overpriced one. (try putting together an 8-core Dell and you will get around the same price as the mac pro's)
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