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True but fact is that for gaming the 8600 GT in the MPB is about twice as powerfull as the Quadro in the dell. Basically right now is also the worst time to compare the two since All the Dells have 4-500$ savings and the Macs are soon to get replaced with better specs. When The new macs come out lets compare.
ha, My bad - thats actually true. The article is pretty flawed...Which is a shame because you could easily prove the point if you would. So here is what the article *should* have compared: Dells pro laptop VS Apple's Pro laptop: Dell Precision M4300 15,4" $ 2157 PROCESSOR Intel® Core ™ 2 Duo T8300 (2.40GHz) OPERATING SYSTEM Genuine Windows Vista® Ultimate Service Pack 1, With media VIDEO CARD NVIDIA Quadro FX 360M, 512MB Turbo Cache memory (256 dedicated)...
Has anyone seen this article on Toms Hardware? Pretty good journalism IMO I have been thinking the same for years. If he would also start to compare macs to sony vaios they would actually be underpriced! http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/...ista,1985.html
Hi all, Can anybody recommend web shops that sell iPhone 3G and ship internationally (EU)? In Denmark the telecompany that sell the iPhones (Telia) is so lousy that alot of people would prefer to stick with their old company and buy an unlocked iPhone instead. Iknow some countries have laws against selling locked products so there should be a possibility? Any suggestions?
Why is this not called CORE 3? The intel naming scheme is ridiculous. Centriuno 2?, what about the CORE number, will there never be a CORE 3? And why on earth was Penryn not called CORE 3. Its confusing. So we are gonna have Intel Centrino2 Core2 Duo 2.6 Ghz processors. Thats alot of two's.
On windows the entire Office 2007 package is so slow, that anyone who payed for that POS should claim their money back. It is barely usable on brand new core2 duo machines with plenty of ram.
Upgrading an existing system with new parts is the most overated thing since pc's were born. Lets say that your pc starts to be outdated after 2-3 years. What would you replace? Ok say i have a p4 2.6 ghz a coupple of years old. I want to "upgrade" it. I cant get one of those new quad core2's, because my motherboard doesn't support it. Or my power supply. Ok, then i want new graphics. In order to play the new games you need nvidea 8xxx series. My current...
i'm with vinea on this one. I call spam....sorry \
So true. I think that was the one i found before.... Also another thing I really like Apple for is not forcing you to pay for the so-called workstation class graphics cards in the mac book pros. If you want a decent graphics card in an IBM notebook you have to pay a premium because its called Quadro something or FireGL something, when it is in fact just the same graphics card as something cheaper, with a different driver (and you have a hard time finding out if it is...
Thats true. I couldn't find that one before. Dell's product line has to be the most confusing EVER. The amount of catagories, subcatagories, and different grafical representations you encounter on the online shop is just endless.... well its around $400 cheaper, and that is without Vista Professional, which you would need, to log on a company network. Still it is difficult to find anything from sony or IBM that matches...
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