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I want multi-user support!
Video says its private. Cant watch it
I'm a democrat and this is an insanely stupid idea. How can Obama be so blind to obvious consequences. You can't tax a company for worldwide profits. Its been tried before. Florida tries this several times. It successfully chased big companies completely out of Florida. We live in a multinational world. Who does Obama think he is to unilaterally tax a company for worldwide profits. What if every foreign nation suddenly taxes companies on their US profits? Only 20% tax...
iOS needs multi-user support and multiple apps on the screen at the same time.
I agree 1000%. He iPhone 6 is too big for me. I may still get one because I feel the need to have the latest as a developer. I wish apple had updated the 5s with nfc to support apple pay. I would have bought that phone for sure. I don't need the big size. I have an iPad and MacBook. I want something for portability. The iPhone 5 is a great size for me. I can clearly see plenty. The bigger screen of the iPhone 6 doesn't change visibility that much for me, but it does make...
Looks like its only available for iPhone 5S, but has issues there as well.
Not sure how you can combine the words "impressive" with 110k users. That is 0% compared to iTunes 500 million accounts.
What is DOJs beef w Apple? Seems personal and should not be allowed. Someone at DOJ needs to be removed. Who do they report to? How does this get overruled? And all to support the poor defenseless Amazon book monopoly. Amazing.
Tim is in over his head. He's great at running the machine, but doesn't relate to tech users and is not a source of innovation.
Wow. These estimates have not come down at all, or maybe gone even higher, as the stock drops from $705 to $495. WOW. So if they miss expectations, obviously the stock should drop further? This makes no sense. Big disconnect between wall street guesses, I mean estimates, vs. the stock performance.
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