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What is DOJs beef w Apple? Seems personal and should not be allowed. Someone at DOJ needs to be removed. Who do they report to? How does this get overruled? And all to support the poor defenseless Amazon book monopoly. Amazing.
Tim is in over his head. He's great at running the machine, but doesn't relate to tech users and is not a source of innovation.
Wow. These estimates have not come down at all, or maybe gone even higher, as the stock drops from $705 to $495. WOW. So if they miss expectations, obviously the stock should drop further? This makes no sense. Big disconnect between wall street guesses, I mean estimates, vs. the stock performance.
Would be an interesting product. Not sure how much lighter you can get than a MBA, but maybe longer battery life even though its already quite long.
  From what I can tell its the opposite. Looks like a deadrise bow, meaning its vertical. That will tend to cut the waves and be very smooth. The disadvantage is that a deadrise is too smooth, it will not rise to get out of the way of the wave. If a big enough wave hits it can swamp the boat, ie go over the top of the bow. The decks also do not look very seaworthy by the bow. Portholes down low and close to the bow, and big windows. Both of those are likely to be...
Except when the invalidated patent was invalidated by another Apple patent.
Some clear inaccuracies. 6.5% of "active" android users use phones larger than 4"? Where is the source for this statement? It is very hard to even find an Android phone less than 4" today. This number doesn't pass the sniff test. Interesting photo of the new dock connector, while not mentioning the scratch on the phone which was carefully highlighted in the reflection. The Apple Maps app DOES have a button to report incorrect locations. Search for a location, tap the >...
Update doesn't show up for Mountain Lion. I'm experiencing USB2.0 like speeds (40MB/sec) to a new external USB3.0 hard drive dock.
I don't believe it likely.   There's no reason for Apple to worry about going cheap. Not Apple's style.   No one has shown 7" tablet to be a useful size. Kindle Fire only did well because its dirt cheap, and it flamed out. Nexus is a non-starter, no content, no distribution channel, no customer support, no reason to own.   Apple hates having lots of products and especially hates lots of development platforms. Introducing another platform would be a major...
I still don't see it.   Apple never competes on price. Look at Netbooks. Macbook Air is hardly a cheap netbook, yet between the Air and iPad, Apple has killed the netbook market.   Many "analysts" had all sorts of rumors than an iPhone mini was coming out. All sorts of talk that they needed to have a lower price model to compete. Instead Apple has kept selling older models and dropped the price.   The iPad2 currently sells for $399. Its miles better than the...
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