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Apple doing a remote control for OTHER companies gear? Yea, what part of that just screams out ... "BS!" I mean really, this coming out from the same company that refuses to add a blu-ray drive to it's ATV? Apple isn't going to take all of their design genius and expend it on trying to make other hardware operate better. Just look at scads of different devices that all offer their own jumble of assorted commands that may or may not be accessible via IR. Lets start with...
I'm glad my comment wasn't lost on everyone!
jingoistic nonsense? not from me... Tisk tisk, I thought the 'pound for pound' would be more than enough to telegraph what was hinting that we are still #1 at...BELT SIZE!
2 billion ... Sure ... But pound-for-pound we're (the US) still #1 ... /ducks
NFC?!?! Hmmm I guess it has it's place if Amazon goes dark... lol /kidding ... Yea NFC fast food and NFC gas are usefull... Hmm, NFC vending machines now THAT would actually be a real useful thing ... I usually find myself in front of one when I got a few twenty dollar bills and one grunge-crumpled single when the soda cost 1.75 ..
24 iPhones per second for 24 straight hours... Not too shabby... @ apx 700 ( sell price plus subsidy) works out to 1.4B in revenue in a single day just in iPhone 5 preorders... Oh and tack on at least 60m for dock adapters. Congrats Apple!
Yep!My thoughts exactly...
You make it sound like asia pacific was somehow left out but the fact is this is a new program for everyone (except for the us where it was initially tested). So in fact AP is actually in the very first group included in the program.
I'm still a little confused how the iPod touch fits into the price matrix... IPod touch 4.4" retina screen 8GB, wifi - $199 IPad 7.85" retina(?) screen 16GB wifi - $299(?) $249(?) iPad 2 10" non retina 16GB ... 399 IPad 3 10" retina 16GB $499 I guess it works ... I can't see them going below $249 otherwise it screws with the touch too much... even tho the market for a 4" device and a 7" device are quite different it's kinda hard seeing you can get 2x the screen size...
The one time they really needed to steal a clever design ... and they don't...
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