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You can buy them on DVD for apx 1.50 an episode and get extras and bonus crap.
Quick look at the numbers.... 2009 Q3 Net Income 3.2b 2009 Q4 Net Income 3.0b 2010 Q1 Net Income 2.5b 2010 Q2 Net Income 4.0b 12.5b in profits over a 12 month term and they are spending how much on this new technology this year? 700m?!?! Not sure how they can swing it....
Yea I though as much... After all I don't see any reports of market numbers for Jun - Aug (which should be available) and we're likely not to hear any numbers on the 'Jul - Sep' span either.
Post corrected.... thanks for the heads-up as I typed 'billion' I knew it didn't sound right. (oh well)
Hey they didn't report the whole story: "Yahoo CEO predicts demise of Apple's iAd mobile ad network while sharing a moca with Michael Dell". circa 1997 and an executive IT event Dell said, "What would I do (to save Apple)? I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders,". Now ... had he Instead of making a uncalled for dig at Apple, he invested $1m in cash on that very same day... Well lets just see. Oct 6th 1997 (date of Dells quote) - AAPL Stock:...
You forgot to quote this:3 Months study ending in July?!?!May iPhone 4 rumors and then official device conformation start making their way around the web. All reports indicate a Summer release.June (the first 26s days) the rumors just get more pronounced and everyone is confidant that the iPhone 3gs is gonna be EOLd.June 27th, 28th, 29, and 30th. were the first tree days the iPhone 4 was made available for sale.July the iPhone was on sale...So lets get this straight... For...
While it might have been said before, doesn't anyone else find it oddly interesting that all of these reports where Apple is showing such a decline in numbers and android is showing such an increase are all reporting on THE LAST 3 MONTHS of the iPhone 3Gs lifecycle? I mean, I'm not arguing that Android isn't making up some ground... I'm sure they are. The'd have to be given the fact that vendors can distribute their phones without paying a dime for the work that went...
And is unknowingly dumbing down all the cell phone makers in the process who previously developed/wrote/maintained their own OS and/or had multiple phones running under multiple OSes. Thanks to Google they've given all that up... hmmm I wonder whats gonna happen when google tires of Android. After all those pesky 'pet projects' at Google come and go like the wind.
Mel, why on earth are you trying to explain yourself?!?! You have every right to voice your opinion just like everyone else. Heck most people here present company included have zero problem voicing their opinions on issues that are often quite far from their comfort zone.
And now the moment you've all been waiting for! Envelope please.... Ladies and gentlemen, the award for 'Accepting a CEO position at the worst possible time in history' goes to Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo (Nokia: 2006-2010)!
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