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Why crap? No support for iPad v1.0? It doesn't make me happy either but look this kind of unsupported hardware is a necessary evil if we want to push the envelop. I do find it quite odd that the 3GS is still in the hunt especially given the hardware would seem to be well below that of the iPad 1st gen.Apple usually makes these weird cuts and while ppl bitch ... Life moves forward.
Heck... Why don't they just scoop up all the pine straw they can find... Hint, think CRAPTON! and just use that as a power plant fuel?Look we can pick apart every alt energy and show how it's totally unusable to replace oil and coal it's fun to read the laundry lst of points that show how solar cant even break even however if we did the same thing with oil I'm pretty sure we could make just as compelling a case as to why oil is a failure. Apple is doing a good thing here...
Funny to think about but isn't it interesting that x86 has been totally eclipsed by Apples A? Line of processors and it's brothers and sisters from the various ARM offshoots? Id be interested to hear some real numbers but I'd imagine the ARM world has more developers more apps and perhaps even more total sales than x86 at this point. If not now I'm sure that day will come quite quickly.
Will we be offered.... - the 1080p versions of content we already purchased in the 720p format? - the ability to upgrade at a reasonable cost to the 1080p versions? If neither is offered I'd be ... Not shocked ... But disappointed.
http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3176They did. Edit: Tho after full investigation there's still more than a few things not on that list...
Hmmm... Am I the only one who's scratching their head?
Clearly no one told the brass that 'it's just a big iPhone'
Kinda like Apple rolling out a product with the name iPhone when we all knew they didn't own the TM to that one either.
What makes this special is the win-win for all parties concerned ... Cept for the box makers. IOS is secret sauce and the cable providers have almost universally flocked to it. I have Cablevision at the moment and they have an incredable app for watching just about anything and everything I have access to. I run the app on my iPad on my wires iPad and it even runs on our iPhones and iPod touches. That's a ton of places where we can continue to see the content we're...
It would be easier to ask... Who **wasn't** rumored to buy AAPL back in those day...
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