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They do when they want some press that makes em look like they care about the great unwashed masses....
If this means I can place an electronic order to Wendy's for a #2 plain no cheese and a large diet and consistently get my order without cheese I'm all over this feature. I mean you'd almost think PLAIN would do the trick but when one says plain NO cheese and still receiving cheese is just rude and it happens nearly 100% of the time to the point I no longer use the drive-up cause I know a 2nd visit to the window is all but a given...
Funny I was gonna say the same thing to you...As for a topical post... Despite what this article says... This has been an issue even before the latest patch.. Also you should add Sharp Aquos to the list... My several year old 4 or 5 set non 1080p set also experiences a flicker issue but it clears up in a reasonable period of time... It happens when the atv comes out of sleep almost exclusively.
Slightly thicker?!?! Really? So in other words... a 220 pound man is only _slightly_ heaver than one weighing 175 pounds? Hey it works for me... I can loose that silly idea of moving to lite beer!
Hers's the real rub... While I have no doubt that over time Android will overtake Apple in the tablet space just as they have in the cell phone space. However, Apples products will FOREVER have the widest variety of cases and accessories... Why? Volume! Sure the 'generic Android device' will have greater marketshare it will FOREVER be fragmented between MANY vendors with a HUGE number of random devices... While Apple will have the iPhone and iPad. Since it entered this...
So I can't stream the 1080p content already on my Mac? Oh and before anyone calls me a pirate... I buy my content!
Well explain the Apole TV 2 and it's lack of 1080p....
Having a hard time rolling out a 10" tablet that's priced at or below Apples (now 1 year old) iPad... Oh and NO it doesn't count if you're forced into a carrier deal.
And this conflicts with what I said how? Are you actually trying to say that Steve DOEN'T hold grudges?!!?
You don't know Steve very well do you??? Look up 'can hold a grudge' in the dictionary and next to it will be his picture.
New Posts  All Forums: