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This news is wonderful to read and if even 1/4 of the plans actually occur iPad sales in 2011 and beyond will be off the already inflated charts! As for an Android tablet? It'll be highly unlikely... Why? For the same exact reason you can't just go out and buy an "android phone case" like you can an iPhone 4 case sure android is everywhere but in every shape and size under the sun so unless the android phone you own is extremely popular you'll have a very limited selection...
Interesting that nobody is talking about the 24p video out bug that means this is useless for any home theater use... Useless? Yes, because while this wonderful new design does awesome transcoding, truly awesome ... It only works if you don't install a video card however if you don't install a proper video card you'll get these nasty hitches on your screen when you attempt to play a 24p movie. The numbers escape me ATM however what it comes down to is 24p video isn't...
Great news! Discounting a weak heart, damaged lungs and unusable kidneys the patient is in perfect health!
Well all 'monitory value' cards are the same across all media types... Apple does (or has) offer 'XX Songs' type cards and I think they are accounted for differently...
Agreed... Not to mention that if the phone gets any thinner I'd be very nervous about it snapping apart like a chocolate candy bar.
While I'm not able to answer your questions one by one... This is my understanding of how torrents operate.... Is it like FTP? Nope... the torrent_contents aren't all packaged up in some unknown repository... the torrent is much more dynamic than that. The torrent is broken up into tiny pieces/packets and distributed de-centrally by all of the 'participants' of the torrent. Think of it this way... A file is broken up into 100 units. You are interested in obtaining...
Talking about dumb ideas... a hospital that will remain nameless has all of their computers displaying a screen saver after a short period of inactivity ... the text of the screen saver encourages everyone to 'THINK GREEN' and has some web address for information on how each employee can do their part. I just giggled... THINK GREEN?!?!!? how about PUT THE SCREEN INTO POWER SAVER MODE?!?! Thousands of computer screens all burning energy to promote the idea of thinking green.
I would imagine the cost to advertise to an entire group of people who are too cheap/poor to pay for a $1.99 app is really really ... REALLY cheap.
Get real.... It's no different then the Bose Tax or the Jaguar Tax or the B&O Tax or the Tiffany Tax or the Rolex Tax or any number of other brands that are known for their exclusive and/or high end reputation.You want spaghettios instead of pasta primavera then be my guest lots and lots of people in america anyway will likely be quite happy with the same 'can-o-spaghetti' and BTW ... I hear they also sell "cheese in a pressurized can" thats just delightful.
Well.. Since everyone and their brother who wants to 'check out' OS X on non-Apple hardware can all pretty much get it working I'm quite sure Apple can utilize any rackable server they like and install OS X on it... After all the EULA is only for the lusers not Steve himself..
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