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Here's one for the conspiracy buffs (most likely not) but it would seem http://www.youtube.com/ is down too... For me I just get 'service unavialble'... Connection?? or Coink-e-dinks?? Dave
Now... wheres the fun in THAT!
that woulda been the keynote where the cube came out... Damn I missed it! Dave
Well to be fair... Steve could announce a new designer box of Kleenex and they'd hype it up just as much... Steve is nothing if not the showman! Dave
Please read my posts... 3 Inputs.. (hdmi inputs) 1 - Cable box 2 - DVD 3 - Game console And switch boxes... Oh I give up already... Silly me the AppleTV is perfect JUST THE WAY IT IS! Steveie old boy, don't change a thing! Dave
You don't have a mother-inlaw, mother, wife operating your TV do you... Switch boxes and such have never had the WAF seal of usability... WAF being Wife approval factor Dave
Ding ding ding, Give that man a CE-GAR! D
Somehow I don't think Google would need any help with that...It's not the money (on its own) thats the problem... If google wanted to they could pretty much out bit just about anyone for the spectrum in just about any market they so choose... Its more about what makes business sense. Sure you can pay 1B dollars for a sheet of paper... Does it make sense and would the share holders agree... thats the big problem. (yea the analogy pretty silly but you get the idea).Source:...
Okay so what do I do with my 500+ dvd collection? unplug replug every time I wanna use ATV and no a switch box will not work I have a wife and inlaws etc that will always find a way to screw them up and not be able to watch anything till I get home to 'fix' things. D
I said this when AppleTV 1st came out.. many people dismissed it and said "WE HAVE PLENTY OF HDMI" - yea well in my universe most sets come with 3 1 for cable box 1 for dvd 1 for game system Leaves Apples device out in the cold! Dave
New Posts  All Forums: