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Cyberduck if you want free. Transmit if you want to pay.
I vote that they keep it for a paid service. Sounds dumb, but I'd rather be considered a valued subscriber with a real service than a one in a million free user out there. Just my two cents.
Yeah, I was really hoping or 10.5.2. My wireless issues are really bugging me as of late. Whatever, if it's taking this long, they BETTER get fixed with the update then.
Remember those Top Secret features (plural). They have something for us that must be substantially unique. I thought Time Machine was a huge feature, but it obviously is larger than that even.
That would be really nice if Office 2007 for Mac came out this year. Right around Leopard's release!
As rumored all over the place, I think one of the top secret features is a new UI for Leopard. It makes perfect sense, especially if Apple has some interesting tricks up their sleeves. They said they do not want Microsoft to be able to copy the features, and a new UI revealed at this point would have no effect on Microsoft in the short run. They are already full steam ahead with Vista and Aero. It also might convert some of those interested in Vista to OSX. Despite...
Sweet, maybe finally these new formats could get a little boost then. I'm not saying I'm going to run out and buy a player, but it may accelerate the transition in my mind.
A MacBook Pro at any clock speed will be plenty sufficient for Final Cut Pro, and the future Adobe Premier if you choose to use that. Don't worry about it.
If it is in your power to kill brushed metal for eternity, please do it immediately.
Yeah, there is talk of porn on multiple threads. That's sad that it's all started by the same guy...
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