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ApplePay works in military commissaries.
The Internet… Where the only commodity is YOU!
Wait, what? They aren't doing so well? Who’d a thunk, eh?
Former husband would mean they were divorced.More accurate would be "deceased husband" though just “husband" would do as well..
You thought you would like what?Lowercase?It hasn’t been on any of their phones.
and I believe that is want they meant.Samsung needs Apple (so they can fabricate the chips for Apple, thus "Sammy needs Apple's fab business").
Hence this lawsuit...
Uh, no. That will not happen.
Releasing it was not a firestormThe “ensuing firestorm" IS the "highly emotional debate”.
So what does that have to do with Apple? (hint: nothing)Apple cannot stop them from protesting.Apple could have them removed from their place of business if they are on it.
New Posts  All Forums: