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So the ~67 other things that are tracked/aggregated with HealthKit are irrelevant?HealthKit has nothing to do with GPS.
Over what?If you don’t want the newer OS, don’t install it.
Works fine here!Just started again! (edit - meaning I just started to sync again, not it just started working again. it has always worked)
You really need to find “da cloo” ‘cause you ain’t got one...
You can’t.
“I COMPEL you to give us what we want! I COMPEL you to give us what we want! I COMPEL you to give us what we want!"while spinning around dancing and throwing pages torn from 28 CFR 68.23 and wallet sized photos of Eric Holder...
Why would they?If you get a new iPhone, just cancel your AppleCare Plus and get a prorated refund...
You go that backwards.It’s affecting 6 only & not the 6.
Yes. The price listed is the price you pay (plus tax).
The AppleCare Protection Plan (additional $99) covers accidental damage.The standard 1 year warranty (which is not a protection plan) does not cover accidental damage.
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