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Notice this doesn’t say that they have not entered into any deals with Apple, Sony or Warner...Supposed collusion.
What is?Allowing you to track data?
Ah, correct.That means Apple has collected around $10 billion.Like what?
The backshell in your photo won’t but no one has an iPhone 5C with only that frame. This is the backshell that is actually used on the iPhone 5C. Also, there is the battery, motherboard and screen the bullet would need to travel thru.and in the case of this story, it was enough to stop at least some of the shot...
You mean Apple has sold 700 million iPhones.Likely, most to those were repeat buyer..
Exactly!This is the main reason behind the U.S. Constitution. It was written to limit the federal government because Jefferson knew that government was a bunch of power hungry fools and would take whatever they could.
So what?to get back to your original question (which you felt you could decide on).For the exact same reason you avoid paying corporate taxes. They don’t have to.Why would they pay tax when then don’t have to (pay more than they are paying)?Why do you think they should pay more than the amount set by law? 
and you post here because?
 Really?You decided in your previous post you thought they were doing something wrong/bad.Why stop now?
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