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No they are not.This doesn’t check to see if the phone is blacklisted with the cell carriers.It checks Apple’s database to see if the iPhone Activation lock/FindMyiPhone has been turned off.
My quotes were quotes. How can they not be correct?So now an unknown/unnamed “source” is absolutely factual entity?The article suggested that Apple may have ended the talks;("According to sources, Apple was not pleased with PayPal's partner choice, with one person reportedly saying, "Apple kicked them out of the door.””)​but this doesn’t clarify who actually “scrapped" the deal.​Paypal could have told Apple, “We decided to go with Samsung and not ApplePay” (extremely...
-> http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/337324/if-it-saves-one-life-charles-c-w-cooke
How is PayPal going with Samsung a “typical move by Apple”? 
So the ~67 other things that are tracked/aggregated with HealthKit are irrelevant?HealthKit has nothing to do with GPS.
Over what?If you don’t want the newer OS, don’t install it.
Works fine here!Just started again! (edit - meaning I just started to sync again, not it just started working again. it has always worked)
You really need to find “da cloo” ‘cause you ain’t got one...
You can’t.
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