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Releasing it was not a firestormThe “ensuing firestorm" IS the "highly emotional debate”.
So what does that have to do with Apple? (hint: nothing)Apple cannot stop them from protesting.Apple could have them removed from their place of business if they are on it.
Uh. no.Tidal stopped the stream. Apple did nothing to the stream.
With 300 workers left and 40% getting cut, that’s 120 out the door.Savings of $20M = $167K each. Damn fine job that is.
Fixed that for you.
Supreme court response to petition… GFY
I don’t care. It’s irrelevant to my posts.
Bill of rights is for the government & citizens, not corporations.
You failed to follow the conversation.If Apple bought this company and pulled everything in & took over all the work, why would they then do any/all of the above?
Not bluffing about what?Having to "plans to invest in artificial intelligence with an eye on virtual assistant tech for work groups”?Why couldn't Apple invest without this company? Why does Apple need to buy a company with a vision of what they want to do (when said company can’t do it already)?
New Posts  All Forums: