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Well, they did manufacture a few hundred of the gold versions, so yes, it will likely be in short supply after a few weeks...
You mean the new, as in rebuilt, since the campus has been there for years...
Why must anyone admit this?
Pretty sure it doesn't say it won't also play the censored tracks in addition to the uncensored tracks..
Yeah, but what is she going to tell Samsung?!?/SLOL
Apple has been there for 30 years...You don't think the city noticed it until now?"Hey, aren't they doing that big campus thing from that iPhone company?Maybe we should raise the real estate taxes in that area..."
Now the lawsuits will begin...
It was removed in the last (beta) update.
Where did Apple confirm this?All Tim stated on Twitter was, "Welcome to the #iPad and @AppStore! @satyanadella and Office for iPad".They could have made a deal.
This always cracks me up.
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