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From the looks of force used in the picture above, shouldn't it be called Mash instead of Tap?
Lawsuits will begin in 1 year, after someone using the is app gets skin cancer... (but they use Seattle in the screens above? Really? Is it even possible to get tan/burn in Seattle?)
Okay, I guess it depends on how you read it.Only IBM is going to sell iOS devices with this stuff (this is what they mean)or IBM is going to sell only iOS devices with this stuff.
Where did you read this?
Same reason they show an iPhone 6 when no one has said anything about an iPhone 6...
No idea how you would have gotten that from what I wrote.But okay. You think Tim sits around reading emails and starts changing everything simply because of these emails?I agree.
Aah.. good old corporate Australia. Australians get $16.88 minimum wage and US gets $7.25.Gotta raise prices on products to pay more than double the minimum wage... and don't forget VAT is included in the price Aussies pay. US prices are without taxes, which in many places includes state, city, county and municipality taxes.
You mean he checks out what an email suggest.He didn't implement the change because of the email.He checked out the the issue because of the email then implemented the change because the on-hold music was crap.
(Yes, I know its not that difficult to get the address but) Tim's gonna send a goon squad after you now...
New Posts  All Forums: