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Leroy doesn’t need to be TouchID compliant.Your iPhone is.Leroy only needs NFC processing.
Except you likely won't be able to do so.
Nope.A bunch of separate, plain (unless you encrypt the backup) files linked with an SQLite database.You can go into the backups(~/Library/MobileSync/Backup/) and use the space bar to see the pix. Most of the other files are encoded (not encrypted) by the app so you may not see anything.
Looks nothing like Jennifer Lawrence & Kate Upton...Maybe this is with no make-up?
Pass on what one?You have no idea of what it is...
along with those that don't care and simply want a new phone now.
But the iPhone 6 release is anticipated, not the Sep 9 date. 
Why is Apple trying to stifle competition? Besides, doesn't Apple have enough money? /s
Because that is the day it starts and they want employees to know exactly what day.It's not "like next week or something".It starts on August 27. What's wrong with being correct?The flier likely was not printed/created today.What if it was made last Tuesday?
Maybe they should pass a law that requires eBay/Craigslist and such that the money used to make a purchase first gets put into escrow.And the seller has to file an affidavit and post a bond equal to 3 times the price of the sale.Then 30 days after the buyer gets the device AND the buyer signs off on the purchase, everything gets released.
New Posts  All Forums: