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In your case, Apple already collected $100 for the gift card when it was originally purchased. So you may have paid $6.25 a month but Apple already got the full $99.
It’s called “clickbait”...
If it’s declined by the credit card company, there is no sale...You think they run the card, get declined then give it the “customer” anyway?
To be correct, it’s a plea to stop the creditors from going after them while they come up with a plan to repay/recover the company.Part of the plan may be to pay less but that doesn’t mean the company will request it or the judge will grant if asked.
And the sapphire made by them is made "harder", using a technique patented by Apple.http://iphone.appleinsider.com/articles/14/09/04/apple-invents-method-of-hardening-sapphire-screens-to-reduce-cracking-
What is this supposed to mean?
So they should not hire additional employees when they are growing?or give pay raises?or benefits? (this article)
Likely hundreds (thousands?) do it on eBay and similar sites all the time…]
No they are not.This doesn’t check to see if the phone is blacklisted with the cell carriers.It checks Apple’s database to see if the iPhone Activation lock/FindMyiPhone has been turned off.
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