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How will iPhone wifi calling work on T-Mobile cell network?If you are using T-Mobile network, you are not on wifi. The article simply means that T-Mobile as a provider will "support" wifi calls with iOS 8. Probably like the personal hotspot. The only thing really preventing it is provisioning by the provider. 
We're not gonna get some fat, sweaty guy running around yelling, "developers, developers, Developers, Developers, DEVELOPERS, DEVELOPERS" ad nauseum, are we?
Why do you only suspect this?Because they came out and stated that?
Apple and HTC already settled everything, dropped all lawsuits and have a 10 year licensing agreement with current and future patents.Nothing to sue over.
For the same reason they (and all other companies) have always done so in the past...To have new products & new technology to sell.
+4.5 million sales month in the U.S. is a tiny number by what measure?Don't know what you mean home sales are going to "change the world"?
Really?In April 2014, there were 433,000 new houses sold and 4.35 million existing homes sold in the U.S.So, a LOT of people live in houses and at least that many are homeowners.
Cool!I can use my iPhone to handily turn on all lights, inside and outside at the same time!
Perhaps Apple could start by fixing the AppleTV from dropping offline with the computer (connects via AirPort Express) halfway thru a movie. Or randomly not even connecting .
Except that some people do this and they do have issues.Which is why Apple pledges to fix longstanding iMessage bug in upcoming iOS update.If there was nothing to fix, why would Apple pledge to fix nothing?
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