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Why would they?If you get a new iPhone, just cancel your AppleCare Plus and get a prorated refund...
You go that backwards.It’s affecting 6 only & not the 6.
Yes. The price listed is the price you pay (plus tax).
The AppleCare Protection Plan (additional $99) covers accidental damage.The standard 1 year warranty (which is not a protection plan) does not cover accidental damage.
First we get SPAM’d by Apple with free music and now we get SPAM’d by one of the largest banks in the world on how to use new security features on the iPhone 6?!?!WTF?!?!?Apple must be selling our info!And some people talk about google... /s
-> http://www.apple.com/privacy/
One "issue" with using only the Apple Watch (no iPhone) for exercise is no GPS.Runners & bikers want to track times/laps/course/distance and the watch alone won't do it.All the Apple Watch will do (for exercising) is count steps and heart rate.
So we need to purchase $349 Apple Watch instead?...in addition to the $49 wearable to track sleep? (even though the M7 & M8 can do this. Likely something Apple will enable at a later time).
Those bastards better not do that!!!It’s like they are google except in reverse. Google wants everything and Apple gives everything!  /s
Why do you need it now?
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