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Then how have I been using Fitbit app to track calories and activities since April with no Fitbit hardware?I must be holding it wrong...  /s
The motion data is recorded by the M7/M8 motion processor and passed to the Health app.Any other apps reading the M7/M8 will still see the bogus steps. The bogus steps when bike riding need to be stopped/removed from the M7/M8 chip, before they even get to the Health app.
Your iPhone doesn’t ring or vibrate?
When did Intel make CPUs for iPads in order for them to lose this business?
Yes it is.There are booming adoption rates and they can tell simply because of transaction statistics from major retailers across the U.S. If it was not being widely adopted, the transaction statistics would not be so dramatically increased. However, some retailers, such as Toys-R-Us, have not seen such a dramatic increase as others. 
Too late.Who do you think is financing this operation? -> http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2829762/Google-signs-1-billion-lease-Nasa-hangar-plans-use-developing-team-robots.html
Then you would have no problem with police coming and searching your house (no warrant) every night at 3AM looking for illegal contraband/activities, right?
I changed my television service from cable to antenna/over-the air. Now I get nothing on channel 3. I’m gonna sue the cable company!!! /s     The original messages were sent by the original sender via iMessage. The new, non-iPhone device does not have iMessage. In most cases, the person did not turn off iMessage Settings > Messages. This is Apple’s fault how?   Yes, it should have been simpler/more clear on how to turn it off but a class action?
Fixed that for you!😃👍
It's sent to your phone number, which you ported to a non-iPhone.They don't have your phone with your phone number to get the SMS with the deactivation code.The authentication is thru your phone #.
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