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He got $3 billion out of Apple, so he knows how to do something right...LOL
That would be Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.Glacier National Park is in Montana. (Pedantry abounds!)
2 weeks ago, I was searching for a restaurant on my iPhone. It showed up 2 block west of the actual location. I reported it as incorrect and put it in the correct location. Maps asked if I wanted to be notified when it was fixed. I tapped yes and I was notified the next day it had been corrected and it really was corrected!
Why don't you think so?You are paid iOS developer and you got the email as Solipsism stated.
Assuming there is enough wind on that land...
Does the ¡ mean you are being sarcastic and the robots in the picture don't look like real people⸮
IIRC, they did it once before during Mavericks development? (don't remember exactly what was deleted).
You've been here for 10 years. You know that's not how it works here...  
Such as?When did this happen?
New Posts  All Forums: