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IIRC, they did it once before during Mavericks development? (don't remember exactly what was deleted).
You've been here for 10 years. You know that's not how it works here...  
Such as?When did this happen?
Go to LAX and every 10 feet is a Samsung charging kiosk (along with the Samsung displays and rest areas with charging stations & wifi).
Very likely it will be like My Photo Stream/Shared Photo Streams now.You can have none/some/all pix in the cloud and use/edit them in one place/everywhere.It's pretty unrealistic to think that Apple will make it mandatory that all photos will be in iCloud only.
None.But if Apple donated every penny, you still say they aren't doing enough... How much did you give last year to charities?
Someone walked by with an iPhone...
Not really my concern, one way or the other...You mean according to some articles.Have you dug through the corporate tax records to see what they did/didn't do?
Why wait?You can get her her own AppleID and share apps now.
No idea. Apple hasn't said much about what it gives (kinda what this story is about).Since you have no idea what Apple gives, you cannot compare their giving to anything...fixed that for ya'. In 2011, Apple donated +$50 million to Stanford University hospitals.Apple matches employees charitable donations up to $10K.Not a lot more info is shown in a simple search but that doesn't' mean Apple does not do anything.
New Posts  All Forums: