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So Apple is now going bankrupt???/s (how long will it take before someone jumps on this comment???)
Yeah, movies are supposed to be entertaining… 
I have no idea about that but it’s already a class-action...
???Isn’t DRM the reason you did not get an iPod? (as you wrote previously) FYI: MP3 does not have (and cannot have) DRM.AAC & WMA can have DRM.
That's funny. That's exactly why I got an iPod. I didn't want DRM
Since it’s not untrue, this means you really did strap 4oz of C4 to an iPhone and detonate it?
Why the /s? Do you mean it did still function after the C4?
You mean, assuming Apple would add lots of graphs to an iPad version.And I highly doubt they will/would do this because Apple is leaving it up to 3rd party developers (which play a very, very big part of the Apple ecosystem).Health app is simply a way to collect, store & share data for/between other apps.
Actually, the Zagg Glass is quite nice.Can’t tell it’s even on my 5S except for the tapered edges.
New Posts  All Forums: