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Except that some people do this and they do have issues.Which is why Apple pledges to fix longstanding iMessage bug in upcoming iOS update.If there was nothing to fix, why would Apple pledge to fix nothing?
You mean i twill be sent as an SMS.iMessages are not converted to SMS Messages is the app. It send iMessages or SMS/MMS. You cannot get iMessages as SMS.The sender will send either iMessage or SMS. If the receiver has iMessages set to Off, then the sender can only send SMS (except for this issue this article is talking about).If they are "Saved" then you have not deleted them on the iPhone. Delete them, backup and restore your iPhone to recover that space.
How is investments in artificial intelligence and a range of partnerships "innovative"?
Okay.Which current devices similarly infringe on this?
You wrote, "Everything media will go under the Beats brand".It won't.If Beats remains a brand name/company, Apple will not pass them stuff (except maybe headphones) and it will remain a separate entity.iTunes, AppleTV, etc. will not be branded as Beats.If they don't remain a separate brand/company, there will be no Beats brand.
Absolutely no way will this happen.Headphones maybe.
Doesn't seem like it, does it?Where did you read they were unable to come to an agreement about this?Was it even discussed by either side? I doubt it but the article doesn't say.It simply states, "there would be no cross-licensing agreements between the to companies," 
They have reached an agreement about it. "The agreement does not include a cross license".And I hope they don't cross license.
No,The iTunes library.itl file is used by iTunes. It is a proprietary, encrypted database file.The .xml is created by iTunes for all other apps to access the library.Quit iTunes, delete the iTunes library.xml, restart iTunes and the .xml will be immediately reconstituted.
New Posts  All Forums: