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Now you can spend even more money to look like a doofus! and tell everyone that you are more "fashionable".   (but you still can't wear them into google shareholders meetings)
What does French have to do with anything?It's Latin (as someone else posted).
First shot?Wasn't the first shot years ago? Apple & Samsung have both been making hardware for quite a while.
But... it will fail since iOS devices don't have NFC.
You mean like the -> Apple Remote app?
???You call it a judgement.It's only enforceable when it is actually enforced.​Pretty sure the point is, when is Apple going to collect anything?
"No, we really didn't meant to file this. It was a paperwork error.Please don't hold it against us."
Why lop off the screen shots?
APPL?Appell Petroleum Corp?Association of Partners for Public Lands?Agriculture & Priority Pollutants Laboratories, Inc. ?
You can tap the sine wave at bottom to stop Siri listening.
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