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“One" of the games?Thanks for the fix!/s
Why do you think she has been doing without Apple?She's been in iTunes for years...
But if it is removed, it's the same as if it never existed, right?/S
How did Apple "win" these patents? Oh, you mean they were granted patent status by the USPTO.
Okay, but were they purchased because they were MFI?Or were they purchased and they happened to also be MFI?Likely some of these were purchased because they were MFI but likely a percentage were not.If they were not purchased because they were MFI, then Monster will save $1.5M per year.
I suggest that is most likely because most developers are not doing it as business.They wrote an app and got it into the App store and happen to collect a few $$ for it is simply a bonus for them
Notice this doesn’t say that they have not entered into any deals with Apple, Sony or Warner...Supposed collusion.
What is?Allowing you to track data?
Ah, correct.That means Apple has collected around $10 billion.Like what?
New Posts  All Forums: