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I don’t “know” this but I’d bet Apple will keep a 4” screen (with updated hardware).I’m not suggesting it is a “new” device.Yeah, I do believe the 4” will stick around with hardware updates.
and there will be one in due time.
The 2 larger screen sizes are in addition to the existing 5C & 5S still being sold.Yes, the majority of iPhones sold are the 6 & 6 Plus but the 4” screen is likely selling very well. I don’t see Apple getting rid of the 4” screen anytime soon. Not everyone wants a large iPhone.Bring back? In order to “bring back” it would have to have been "gone".According to this estimate, the 5S, 5C & even 4S, which are still being sold, did just fine this last quarter (~12 million...
and they will get one in due time.
The article does not say or imply are competitors.
Seems there’s one thing Samsung can’t copy from Apple…. $$ signs...
except they haven’t gone away from the 4" screen.They simply added 4.7" & 5.5” screens.
No he’s not...LOL! 
No you don't. You use the Messages app to send SMS/MMS to your Android friends.The Messages app sends iMessages, SMS & MMSUnless they have downloaded the iMessagesforAndroid app. And created an AppleID to use with it.
Sorry.I forgot the completely obviously required /s. /s
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