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"bring in some extra cash as people will jump to purchase these apps in a hurry since they are “going away”."
I’m open for the job. How’s this? “Hey, you should put our fabulous headphones in your stores! Just listen and you’ll hear how they sell themselves." "Hej, bör du sätta våra fantastiska hörlurar i din butik! Bara lyssna och du kommer att höra hur de säljer sig själva" "Эй, вы должны поставить наши сказочные наушники в ваших магазинах! Просто слушать, и вы услышите, как они продают себя" "ねえ、あなたはあなたの店で私たちの素晴らしいヘッドフォンを置く必要があります!ただ耳を傾け、あなたは彼らが自分自身を販売する方法を聞きます"
Did they find a picture of an Apple tree falling on and android?
Why not simply turn the scroll bars back on?System prefs > General.
The picture does look distorted.His head is gigantic relative to his body...
But you just spent $10K-$12K on a watch.What’s another $999?
Flash storage chips/memory have nothing to do with the patent issues.
Yeah, I have seen it for at least a week now.
I didn’t see any suggestions subtle or otherwise, that Apple is cutting ties with anyone.
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