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The name is meant to be catchy but it’s awkward. How is it pronounced?   Loo-pay (isn’t this a pay toilet in the UK?) Loop-ay (someone from Canada) Loop Pay( with a pause in the middle)?
Actually, it’s called a “mini-van”...
except they wouldn’t be where they are now with a very different kind of leadership, so it’s not scary...
Apple CarPlay in Jeeps finally!
Why do they have to be testing these vehicles?Looks like they are getting data and/or testing the equipment on top.
My touchID sometimes doesn't work when I use Siri and she tells me I need to unlock the phone. It pops the keypad up but holding my thumb on the touch ID sensor occasionally I don't even get a wiggle of the numbers. I have to put in the passcode. I haven't found rhyme or reason when this happens.
Of course you didn't.The iPhone 5 does not have a touchID sensor
BLE uses very, very little energy, from as low as .01 watt compared to 1 watt for standard BT (which is one of the main reasons for development).All these fitness devices (Fitbit, Misfit, heart rate monitors, etc.) use it and run on a little 2025/2032 watch battery for +6 months.I’ve had a Polar heart rate monitor with the original battery since July and it just now is getting low. This is using it at least 10 hrs a week. Many iBeacons work off watch batteries and can run...
I don’t “know” this but I’d bet Apple will keep a 4” screen (with updated hardware).I’m not suggesting it is a “new” device.Yeah, I do believe the 4” will stick around with hardware updates.
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