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Flash storage chips/memory have nothing to do with the patent issues.
Yeah, I have seen it for at least a week now.
I didn’t see any suggestions subtle or otherwise, that Apple is cutting ties with anyone.
Plenty of PCs has USB but there were very few devices that used it. I remember my Windows computer (Dell?) at work had them.It wasn’t until it was included on the iMac that USB really took off.
They would have to start providing any broadband before they could overtake anyone...
Well, with these pictures above, it is positive & definitive proof that Apple is building a car!
You mean they are tools that can also be fashionable...They are not only fashion accessories.
but they aren't Macs...
The M7 chip in 5S does not track elevation.The M8 in the 6 & 6 Plus does.Neither tracks distance. Apps can calculate distance based on # of steps and your height.Not really better. It will count steps and floors (for iPhone 6) but the Health app by itself is really kinda useless unless you want to look at thousands of data points or a general overview.Healthkit is simply a way for apps to aggregate health data and Heath app is very simple way to view that data.Fitbit &...
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