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and there will be one in due time.
The 2 larger screen sizes are in addition to the existing 5C & 5S still being sold.Yes, the majority of iPhones sold are the 6 & 6 Plus but the 4” screen is likely selling very well. I don’t see Apple getting rid of the 4” screen anytime soon. Not everyone wants a large iPhone.Bring back? In order to “bring back” it would have to have been "gone".According to this estimate, the 5S, 5C & even 4S, which are still being sold, did just fine this last quarter (~12 million...
and they will get one in due time.
The article does not say or imply are competitors.
Seems there’s one thing Samsung can’t copy from Apple…. $$ signs...
except they haven’t gone away from the 4" screen.They simply added 4.7" & 5.5” screens.
No he’s not...LOL! 
No you don't. You use the Messages app to send SMS/MMS to your Android friends.The Messages app sends iMessages, SMS & MMSUnless they have downloaded the iMessagesforAndroid app. And created an AppleID to use with it.
Sorry.I forgot the completely obviously required /s. /s
No.Your response seemed to indicate Fitbit app was proprietary and some/all others weren’t.Then according your definition above, Fitbit app is NOT proprietary because there are plenty of ways to get Fitbit data out of the app.Fitbit has created and support developer APIs to do just that! and they have done it pretty much from the beginning. That’s show Sync Solver gets Fitbit data to the Health app.
New Posts  All Forums: