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and you post here because?
 Really?You decided in your previous post you thought they were doing something wrong/bad.Why stop now?
If you are not happy with it, you should vote out the politicians who passed the laws that Apple and others have abided by to pay the full amount of taxes due.
What is foolish proposition? This was not a proposition. It was an actual test.No one is suggesting it is now okay to go swimming or diving with it.Simply that you do not need to freak out if you take a sip of water while wearing an Apple Watch.Uh, the Apple Watch is tested to what it is rated. Why would Apple test & rate them to much higher standards if they are not intended for that market?
Because the governments want businesses in their country so they make tax loopholes to draw them there.Then after the businesses are successful, the governments see all that money and decide they want a larger cut.
Because they follow the laws of that country which allow them pay what they are supposed to. Are you suggesting Apple and other companies have broken some law to avoid taxes?
Fine companies for following the laws created by that government?
“Excess” energy?From mother nature?
Why can’t we say that?System prefs > Network.Select Wi-Fi. then click Advanced...Click the Wi-Fi tab and uncheck Remember networks this computer has joinedNext time (and every time) you need to connect, you will be required to select the network and input the password.
Apple later announced any new technologies would be made completely incompatible with all Fiat and Fiat associated businesses...and Fiat has yet to use it in any vehicles (Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler) as they announced last year.Apple said the same thing last year...Apple Rolls Out CarPlay Giving Drivers a Smarter, Safer & More Fun Way to Use iPhone in the CarBut really, it’s gonna go over big this year… No, really!Just gotta get the Apple Watch incorporated into the...
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