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They are entitled and will get the split.They will simply have to wait longer before they get the additional shares while the record of the purchase catches up, usually about a week later.
Then their last known position would have registered a mile or so from the airport when they left cell tower range?That would be useful how?
T0Mobile only mentions iPhone (no specific model) and iOS 8 so t would seem so.-> http://newsroom.t-mobile.com/issues-insights-blog/welcome-to-wi-fi-calling.htm
It's a direct shot because Android & some other operating system have a similar tight integration?
Yes, I understand.The article stated it will work on T-Mobile network (as I previously quoted so responses would be relevant). Where is this T-Mobile wifi network it will work on?
and?Did you even bother to read my few, short sentences?Does T-Mobile have a wifi network their users connect to?FYI: Your link is no good.
You can already edit Notes in rich text on the Mac and that rich text sync over to the iPhone.But it'll be nice to do it directly on the iPhone. 
How will iPhone wifi calling work on T-Mobile cell network?If you are using T-Mobile network, you are not on wifi. The article simply means that T-Mobile as a provider will "support" wifi calls with iOS 8. Probably like the personal hotspot. The only thing really preventing it is provisioning by the provider. 
We're not gonna get some fat, sweaty guy running around yelling, "developers, developers, Developers, Developers, DEVELOPERS, DEVELOPERS" ad nauseum, are we?
Why do you only suspect this?Because they came out and stated that?
New Posts  All Forums: