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Which iOS apps from anyone are not proprietary?
The thieves had no idea what was in the truck.It was later recovered with nothing missing except for the driver’s iPhone in the glovebox...
So how do you download the GPS track? Is it only viewable in the Fitbit app/website? Is it a standard .gpx file? What info is available with the track? Heart rate, pace, time?
Some guy did some stuff a long time ago with some other people and now works for somebody else that does stuff.
You delete files to search your computer?How does that work exactly?
Then you are being sarcastic when you write, "at least Apple actually has meaningful privacy settings”?
you mean conceal it with intent to not pay for it.The store would have to prove intent to actually steal it. Walking past the checkout could likely pass the test but almost alway security will wait till you are out the door.Most of the time no one will stop you until you leave the store simply because they won’t need to prove intent. You have already removed it from the store without payment.
If you are taking night classes, what does this have to do with bringing your bag to work?It’s not the actual time it takes to do the bag check that is causing the ruckus.It’s the 50-90 minutes wait to get the bag check done.If it was only 15 seconds, I doubt anyone would be complaining. (except for those who complain about everything anyway_
No.It is 50-90 minutes of waiting to get searched every day they work (or over week if it's 10-15 minutes each time) one search when they leave for lunch and one when they go home.This is why the lawsuit was started.It's not 50-90 minutes total over a year.If it was simply 30 seconds a day, no one would have said anything.
New Posts  All Forums: