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Judge says, “That’s a good one guys. But April Fool's Day is not for another 3 months…So, really, why are you here?"
Only if you give them full access to everything on your phone...-> http://gawker.com/jay-zs-new-album-is-basically-a-massive-data-mining-op-661499440
Yes.Apple is being diverse with different promotions in different countries.
How is it “diverse” if everyone does the same thing?
Perhaps the patents they are selling, the Rockstar companies get to keep a license for (no fees)?If RPX wishes to license them elsewhere, they can but Apple, Sony, MS, et al.  are free & clear to use them.
No positraction or rear locker?What if your power wheel gets in mud or ice? Guess you get stuck...
posted mrmantle in response to an article… 
So Apple is now going bankrupt???/s (how long will it take before someone jumps on this comment???)
Yeah, movies are supposed to be entertaining… 
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