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Because you are satisfied to have whoever everyone else votes for...
???If the U.S. companies were making crappy televisions and not improving them, what IP would be stolen from these companies that would improve televisions in Asia?
He didn't.Michael Froman did.-> -> http://www.ustr.gov/sites/default/files/08032013%20Letter_1.PDF
And none of it was purchased from Carl...
BAM! stupid goverrments...
Yes.The taxes concerned in the article are corporate taxes on the company profits (basically income tax), not VAT/sales tax.The government gets money twice for the same purchase (once in VAT/sales tax and once from the company profits). 
 Yes, but it's collected by the seller.
 They paid (AUS) of $36.4 million in tax for 2013 and had an after tax profit of $40.1 million.Note that this is corporate tax.They also collected/paid sales tax/VAT to the government.
New Posts  All Forums: