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I have no idea about that but it’s already a class-action...
???Isn’t DRM the reason you did not get an iPod? (as you wrote previously) FYI: MP3 does not have (and cannot have) DRM.AAC & WMA can have DRM.
That's funny. That's exactly why I got an iPod. I didn't want DRM
Since it’s not untrue, this means you really did strap 4oz of C4 to an iPhone and detonate it?
Why the /s? Do you mean it did still function after the C4?
You mean, assuming Apple would add lots of graphs to an iPad version.And I highly doubt they will/would do this because Apple is leaving it up to 3rd party developers (which play a very, very big part of the Apple ecosystem).Health app is simply a way to collect, store & share data for/between other apps.
Actually, the Zagg Glass is quite nice.Can’t tell it’s even on my 5S except for the tapered edges.
Why would it be "a whole lot better than on the iPhone”? But yes, it should be on the iPad and Mac and sync between them all.
iPhone 4S has BLE.
Then how have I been using Fitbit app to track calories and activities since April with no Fitbit hardware?I must be holding it wrong...  /s
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