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The M7 chip in 5S does not track elevation.The M8 in the 6 & 6 Plus does.Neither tracks distance. Apps can calculate distance based on # of steps and your height.Not really better. It will count steps and floors (for iPhone 6) but the Health app by itself is really kinda useless unless you want to look at thousands of data points or a general overview.Healthkit is simply a way for apps to aggregate health data and Heath app is very simple way to view that data.Fitbit &...
But they don’t and never have.Duh...However, the products being removed aren’t really competing. Just view the AppleWatch commercial and it’s shown as a do all device, not just a fitness band. I just made simple observation. Not looking for big argument over why it’s “wrong” or "Apple can do whatever they want”.
Make the cases out of leftover sapphire blocks. Toss in a few gears (made in Switzerland) and a few red/blue/green LEDs to make it look cool... They can flash in sync with the “Beats" music in your car… 
Because the $50 & $130 items will stop people from spending $350 for an Apple Watch?
So do you think it is okay/safe or it is not okay to wear headphones and block out everything while skiing?
You mean they would have sold a lot more if they could build more of them.
This simply allows you to get targeted ads for items you may have searched for.So if you search for cars, you will get a lot more ads for car stuff.It limits the types of ads you get.
Lighten up Francis...My post was made because AI does an article whenever there is even one new user of ApplePay.
No laws were broken. If laws were broken, there would be a criminal trial, not a civil lawsuit...It does..."In its complaint, A123 claims Apple poached five executives attached to the firm's System Venture Technologies Division, including program lead and company CTO Mujeeb Ijaz. The battery maker has not revealed what advanced initiatives its Venture Technologies arm was working on, but claims each of the engineers' projects have been shut down due to lack of suitable...
Wow, 18 more additions! Sensational news! I think AI should also post a weekly update of; how many people have actually used it how many cards per person total transactions in the week total transactions since startup specific iPhone/iPad usage ApplePay using iWatch when it is released then can further break this down to iPhone/iPad /S really?
New Posts  All Forums: