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That's not right.They sold 7.22 trillion Android devices.
 Pretty sure Phil didn't make amy comments.
I think any glove would fit any hand for $3.2 billion.
Why do a shot at night where you can see only about 15% of anything?
 Does it matter?If the phone is in the locker, how do they open the locker?
But can you sync to your computer using the USB cable without having to remove the case?
and Android device activations grew 500% on Christmas day showing how far more people prefer Android devices./S
The buyback should be only for those with less than, ~100,000 shares.This puts money in the pocket of the "little" man and not institutions/large shareholders, to stimulate the economy.
 "Apple's Fukubukuro promotion has seen customers net savings of over $500 per bag in previous years, as some bundles contained "special gifts" like MacBook Airs and iPads. "
New Posts  All Forums: