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They left in June and bankruptcy was not filed until October.  Yes, they may have known something was amiss... To (possibly) get huge a bonus. Ask GTAT...
Company headed into bankruptcy, employees get offered job at different company and they take it and that is “suspicious”?
We don’t know if the jury found any relevance or made any award based on hardware.Smart flash wanted that and Apple argued against it but no mention was made as to the outcome of that specific request.
In September, Tim Cook noted the prices will start at $349
Because someone taking a photo as it drives by is preventing them from doing their job? Perhaps you mean, “Hey AI! We don’t need a play by play for every van someone sees…"
Yes, I know.However, that’s what MacTac said...
Spend a billion to save a few million?Why not simply don't spend a billion plus the few million?
Accounting for leap year/DST?  
I agree totally.With all that has gone on in the last 6 months at Fitbit (not integrating with iOS health yet sync with multiple other apps, Android & iOS apps messed up, calories not working correctly/jiving with the web dashboard, and other stuff), seems they got to the top of the heap and now don’t have clue what to do or how to stay there.
Thanks for the chuckles...
New Posts  All Forums: