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Doesn't seem like it, does it?Where did you read they were unable to come to an agreement about this?Was it even discussed by either side? I doubt it but the article doesn't say.It simply states, "there would be no cross-licensing agreements between the to companies," 
They have reached an agreement about it. "The agreement does not include a cross license".And I hope they don't cross license.
No,The iTunes library.itl file is used by iTunes. It is a proprietary, encrypted database file.The .xml is created by iTunes for all other apps to access the library.Quit iTunes, delete the iTunes library.xml, restart iTunes and the .xml will be immediately reconstituted.
iTunes does not use the .xml file.It is created for other apps to use iTunes.
Command click the artwork in the LCD window at top.
Be nice if they did this for caller ID, which was recently screwed up by using a little picture in a circle of whoever is calling.
You mean couldn't care less...
If it adds up to 100%, why is it 106%?
Because they gave 110% effort, right?rolleyes
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