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One "issue" with using only the Apple Watch (no iPhone) for exercise is no GPS.Runners & bikers want to track times/laps/course/distance and the watch alone won't do it.All the Apple Watch will do (for exercising) is count steps and heart rate.
So we need to purchase $349 Apple Watch instead?...in addition to the $49 wearable to track sleep? (even though the M7 & M8 can do this. Likely something Apple will enable at a later time).
Those bastards better not do that!!!It’s like they are google except in reverse. Google wants everything and Apple gives everything!  /s
Why do you need it now?
This option has been there a long time...Hide your purchases (does the same as the stuff above but the link above is dedicated specifically to the "U2 debacle")-> http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4919
Sure you can.Nothing has been charged to your card so if AT&T give you a hassle, just call the credit card company and tell them your order is not going thru as expected.
Just make sure not to grab that ASP!!!
Not there yet...But shortly.https://mobile.twitter.com/discover/status/509405306531876865
When using acronyms, aren%u2019t you supposed to spell it out the first time? (for us clunkheads) ASP = Association of Societal Pathogens Active Server Pages Association of Software Professionals American Society of Primatologists etc%u2026 (Yes I know what it is)
Except users have already given prior approval.They did so by enabling Automatic downloads.And if they don't want downloads over cell data, just turn it off.
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