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Command click the artwork in the LCD window at top.
Be nice if they did this for caller ID, which was recently screwed up by using a little picture in a circle of whoever is calling.
You mean couldn't care less...
If it adds up to 100%, why is it 106%?
Because they gave 110% effort, right?rolleyes
As do individuals.Hey, thanks for including a bunch of pictures in your quote!
Settle what?Apple already won. Nothing to settle and they definitely would not settle for less than they won
If Apple gets an injunction, why would Apple then settle? (unless the settlement included Samsung stops copying).
and I KNOW you just won 3 idiot awards!quoting the same post twice (copying just like Samsung) unnecessarily quoting the entire post (twice) (again, copying just like Samsung) not able to read sarcasm and if you hadn't noticed, Lotte World Amusement Park in Seoul (S Korea) (the pictures you kindly quoted twice) became how they are today because of Disneyland. Do ya' see the  "innovation"?
New Posts  All Forums: