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Not really my concern, one way or the other...You mean according to some articles.Have you dug through the corporate tax records to see what they did/didn't do?
Why wait?You can get her her own AppleID and share apps now.
No idea. Apple hasn't said much about what it gives (kinda what this story is about).Since you have no idea what Apple gives, you cannot compare their giving to anything...fixed that for ya'. In 2011, Apple donated +$50 million to Stanford University hospitals.Apple matches employees charitable donations up to $10K.Not a lot more info is shown in a simple search but that doesn't' mean Apple does not do anything.
Legal fees? No fines?What legal fees are they having to pay?Only the legal fees Apple & Nokia incurred investigating the issue of the leaks? Samsung and its Quinn Emmanuel attorneys leak info in a lawsuit.Apple & Nokia find out about it and sue (and it costs them $2M). and win.and they only get the legal fees they spent to sue for the leaks?No fines or sanctions or anything else against Samsung/Quinn Emmanuel for leaking the info? So what was the point of even bringing the...
This is some sort of praise? Granted, it's not a big stab but not a compliment."Bono went as far as to call Apple "annoyingly quiet," saying that the company doesn't do enough to tout the fact that it has raised $75 million for The Global Fund."and""This is modesty run amok," Bono said in front of Ive."
Hey, thanks for the really long quote including the extra line breaks¡Really drove your point home¡
One reason is the NWS did not go to Apple and present them a plan as TWC did.
It's pretty much crap. We said that about the previous version but we got use to it. Same here.   No Edit button. Didn't have one fo iOS devices but now it's gone for computers also. Likely it'll get fixed..
I read this as Apple should buy them so Samsung/Google can't and use the technology, not that they are now using it and an Apple purchase would end any agreements between them.
New Posts  All Forums: