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No they didn’t.It still shows,"Water ResistanceSurge has been tested up to 5 ATM meaning it is sweat, rain and splash proof"
Note that watches (even diving watch rated to 200 meters) aren’t “waterproof". They are water-resistant. ISO standards describe how “resistant” they are.ISO 2281 - Horology -- Water-resistant watches ISO 6425 - Divers' watches From ISO 2281"Watches bearing the designation "water-resistant" with or without an additional indication of an overpressure are intended for ordinary daily use and are resistant to water during exercises such as swimming for a short period. They may...
It's a"do-over" not "in addition" to the previous tax breaks.Assuming there were no tax breaks, you think Apple would have been liable for the estimated taxes with the GTAT deal falling thru and the building not being repurposed?Also, from the article above...
The name is meant to be catchy but it’s awkward. How is it pronounced?   Loo-pay (isn’t this a pay toilet in the UK?) Loop-ay (someone from Canada) Loop Pay( with a pause in the middle)?
Actually, it’s called a “mini-van”...
except they wouldn’t be where they are now with a very different kind of leadership, so it’s not scary...
Apple CarPlay in Jeeps finally!
Why do they have to be testing these vehicles?Looks like they are getting data and/or testing the equipment on top.
My touchID sometimes doesn't work when I use Siri and she tells me I need to unlock the phone. It pops the keypad up but holding my thumb on the touch ID sensor occasionally I don't even get a wiggle of the numbers. I have to put in the passcode. I haven't found rhyme or reason when this happens.
Of course you didn't.The iPhone 5 does not have a touchID sensor
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