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  Your links are all about income tax. What does it have to do with this story (VAT/corporate tax)?     Now read the truth...   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irwin_Schiff   "Irwin A. Schiff (born in February 24, 1928) is a prominent figure in the United States tax protestermovement. Schiff is known for writing and promoting literature that claims the United States income tax is applied incorrectly. He has lost several civil cases against the federal government and has a...
Selling stock is no big deal. Happens all the time. Clck on Insider Transactions on the left side http://finance.yahoo.com/q/it?s=AAPL
I believe a few people did not understand this article.Apple wants the court to cover up the Samsung logo on equipment used in the courtroom by the court, not the items/evidence being discussed in the trial.
"even in Microsoft Stores"?Really?Wow. That's sure to increase sales at a blistering pace of maybe 1-2 more PER DAY!
So Apple looked at many different designs before they settled on one? That's news how?
Since when is ease of use a drawback?Perhaps you meant "lack of ease of use"?
So you expect Apple to just roll into town and take it over & start building with no government approval and permits and such?"He said the problems stem from the county government, which has allegedly been holding up the deal"
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