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And they show that by going to court and suing the people who did send it to the app store.Exactly. Whoever released it will simply say it is their own, original works. Proving who's it is, is up to the courts.
Which is why Realistic asked the question you responded to.
And if they don’t mandatorily resign voluntarily?
How about simply the iPhone being declared FRAND?
And it will be.
It is already in iCloud but only for iOS devices.
Because many, many corporations and workplaces prohibit certain software on their network.
Uh, not really. You get 5GB free but that does not include any media. I highly doubt you have purchased 1.5 GB of music and TV shows from iTunes. You cannot redownload movies. If you have iTunes Match (not free) you can upload (only song) songs not in iTunes but you are limited to 25,000 and they will be converted to 256 kbps..
They are not earning 0% nor is it a "cash hoard". Cash on hand as reported by corporations is cash as well as short term (less than one year) investments such as: Money market funds Mutual funds U.S. Treasury securities U.S. agency securities Non-U.S. government securities Certificates of deposit and time deposits Commercial paper Corporate securities Municipal securities Asset-backed securities (from AAPL 10-Q) -> http://investor.apple.com/ Subtotal
Where did you read anything about clearing forested land? How much of that 100 acres is/was actual forest that had to be cleared?The building is not 100 acres....
New Posts  All Forums: