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How is a movie title "gay"? Is it happy and joyous? Homosexual?
This was never stipulated. It was stipulated that if the item was sold elsewhere at a lower price, the iBookstore could match that price.
Where did you read this?
never mind
??? If they are any of these, then they are out of contract.
Then why does this article even exist? (and also as noted in the CNN/Money magazine article)Then based on the same reasoning as the article, in 10 years, Larry Ellison, Ron Johnson and Philippe Dauman will have made far more than Cook (based on current salaries). $776 million, $533 million & $431 million respectively.
Yeah, lots of pork and butter are sure ways to extend the life of a 51 year old male. and that would definitely make him round as you wrote.
Since when does Apple make Windows hardware?
Google could not do anything except increase their tablet market share.
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