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Instead of punching in the address on her GPS, she could have simply asked Siri, “How do I get there?” and it would have set up a route on the iPhone.
Why would they have to ditch their current cell carrier to get an AT&T iPad?
Neither companies are "patent trolling”. There are patent disputes but no patent trolling.
Why wouldn't anyone wait for the design specs from Apple? They can get everything set in place except for the actual molds.
It's not free. It's $99."I dropped it in the toilet." Dunno how many times I have heard of someone doing this...
Why would you have had to given up any “excellent cell coverage”? The iPad has its own month-to-month service. It wouldn't replace your phone service.
But just wait for Android cookie crunch, strawberry jam and whipped cream with sprinkles! That'll really show those apple fanbois...
So what were his legal fees? You can recover courts costs and such. He likely did represent himself as lawyers are almost never allowed to represent you in small claims.
Not even shipping labels? Someone just "dropped it off" on his doorstep?
They fixed it on the main AI page but not on this forum page.
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