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So is not speaking like a retard an advantage or a disadvantage to someone like you who actually is a retard?And will you get to the head of the line when you go get an iPad because you are a retard?
The iPod touch already has a digital compass.
WRONG! It is simply Apple trying to make it look like they are selling a lot of iPads./s <- this /s means end of sarcasm.I guess you missed the comment I quoted and the /s (meaning end of sarcasm) at the end of my comment. (having to explain really screws it up...)
Actually, it is just Apple "fudging" the numbers to look good. Since the items have not actually been sold (in the hands of the customer and Apple having their cash), it's the same as everyone else counting sold when it goes to the retailer. /s
But they read the book AND they read AI regularly so how could they NOT know this? And if you are going to be lazy and use two year old data and use your own format for the maps, it will be as good (or as crappy) as you (not the open source community) make it.It will be more common place that people will make stupid comments about knowing what Steve would have done?
Apple did bring these to the table. They could have created any kind of map they wanted using the OSM data but for some unknown reason, they chose ye oldé pirate treasure map style, aaarrrggghhh, matey!
Agreed. +1
The same kind of technology that turns a black iPhone into a non-white iPhone. Different words can mean the same thing.
They did take my bug report and fix the shuffle and repeat icons so you can now tell if they are turned on. They used to be white when selected and a slightly less white when not selected. However, selecting an Artist and tapping a song will still only play that one album though (acknowledged bug).And still no lyrics...
What does your post have to do with this story? Application max size vs. downloadable max file size?
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