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So HTC didn't purchase S3 because they made good products and they would enhance HTC's own products? They only purchased based on the belief they could screw Apple?
How about she wanted to be the largest shareholder of Disney (or any of a few dozen other reasons)?
"Oh, my goodness! This Mac thing really is quite "the bomb" as the kids these days would say, isn't it?"
"In the mean time, Google hopes to make an actual deal with these studios, which will allow them to legally supply these products to Google customers."
It should be captioned, "Ray Lane poses for a picture with his computer at his home"! as he certainly is not using it while it is hanging over the edge as it is.
It's not (just) voice recognition software.???So the correct way to market a new product is to focus only on the features carried over from the previous model (and point only these features out) and ignore the new features?And that really seems to have hurt sales, hasn't it?See my first response above.As opposed to, "It's Windows from Microsoft. Just buy it!"Point out features on a device to try and sell it? That would really be a novel approach, wouldn't it?
FYI: AT&T still has a new 64GB with 3G for $479.http://www.wireless.att.com/cell-pho...id=HiQh1awGnHv
Patent owners must defend them or else a patent is useless. Why get a patent if you don't care about it?
6'2" Tom cruise says he is 5'7" but likely an inch shorter.
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