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Note that pairing a remote with a device (AppleTV) does not stop that remote from controlling other devices (MacBook). It simply stop other remotes from controlling that device. The best option is to turn of the Infrared port on the MacBook.https://discussions.apple.com/servle...t+23.56.10.png
You forgot option 4.Buy an AT&T iPad and use it on AT&T as many, many people did (actually, everyone who bought a 1st gen 3G iPad did).There is no reason to drop Verizon as your cell carrier.And an AT&T iPad would have worked fine on AT&T.It was very clear from the start that you preferred Verizon as your cell provider.Ditto.So you did not want to be the exception and have two different bills.Okay.That was not clear from your posts, which is why I responded as I did. It...
I believe that is what Red Oak is referring to. Oracle should win their lawsuit against Google and Android should go away (As a gift to Steve).
???This makes no sense.If you get an 3G iPad you sign up with AT&T (or Verizon) and use it.And what do you mean "to get wideband connectivity"? Meaning their current cell service was not wideband? It uses 3G just as the phones do.You continue to use your regular cell phone service as it it. Why would you have to ditch it?The two are not linked in any way.
Instead of punching in the address on her GPS, she could have simply asked Siri, “How do I get there?” and it would have set up a route on the iPhone.
Why would they have to ditch their current cell carrier to get an AT&T iPad?
Neither companies are "patent trolling”. There are patent disputes but no patent trolling.
Why wouldn't anyone wait for the design specs from Apple? They can get everything set in place except for the actual molds.
It's not free. It's $99."I dropped it in the toilet." Dunno how many times I have heard of someone doing this...
Why would you have had to given up any “excellent cell coverage”? The iPad has its own month-to-month service. It wouldn't replace your phone service.
New Posts  All Forums: