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    Most of the lawyers are most likely employees of the companies and are getting paid a salary by those companies. SO they win by having a job. They don't reap big windfalls when they win a case.
No they won't. They will be designed by Apple but most likely will still be made by the same companies that are making them now.
They are both Apple ads. -> http://www.apple.com/startpage/ Right side under Featured videos.
You mean paid for by Apple and given to Steve Jobs as a bonus in December 1999 and now owned by Mrs. Jobs. $90 million was charged as "executive bonus" for the quarter. Steve was reimbursed for fuel/travel expenses when he used it for official Apple business but it was his personal property.I'm guessing that Mrs. Jobs leases it back to Apple for Tim Cook and others to jet around when needed. From the February 2000 10-Q for AAPL "EXECUTIVE BONUS In December 1999, the...
So if I do not have MS Office installed and opened one of these files using Pages (or another app), it would still do something to my Mac?
How is a movie title "gay"? Is it happy and joyous? Homosexual?
This was never stipulated. It was stipulated that if the item was sold elsewhere at a lower price, the iBookstore could match that price.
Where did you read this?
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