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Becuase if they had the iPad data, the other stuff would look like noise...
But they sell android devices, right? Why are they performing poorly? /s
Since this article debunks the rumor about the event NOT being about tools, that is all we will discuss in this article.
Okay, so Apple products are not trashed.So Android and Blackberry products are not trashed either? Then they are sitting in the back of a drawer along with the old Apple products that are not sold or gifted to trashed.. .
No it wouldn't be. You can't copyright how things are said.
How would you expect the US to enforce US laws in a foreign country?
A channel is less material, not more.
Or even far more hilarious when it is not pronounced "zee" when it should be as in a product with a name like E Z Open. (on way to hospital)...
As per usual AI articles, it's up to the reader to figure out how they come up with stuff.The green are independent analysts. The blue are institutional analysts (street). (from the original Fortune article)Notice the title is "Street consensus"?So average out only the blue to get the 13.5.
New Posts  All Forums: