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Criminal charges can only be filed by the government.If Apple (anyone) can convince the government that a criminal act has occurred with a complaint, the government would file charges.It's on the internet, it must be true?Apple filed a complaint. They did not charge anyone with criminal activity.Semantics? Sure, but correct semantics.
Apple is not attempting to keep viable competitors out of the market. They are attempting to keep other from releasing iPads.Apple cannot file criminal charges. That is up to the district attorney/justice department. Apple can complain to authorities and the authorities may file charges.
Either you start your own label or use an aggregator such as Tunecore. You pay them (Tunecore in this case) a flat fee ($9.99 for a single, $49.99 album) and they handle getting your music up on iTunes and distribute the royalties back to you.
Not even close. Apple doesn't deal directly with artists. They deal with labels/publishers.Apple keeps 30%.The label/publisher gets 70%.The artist gets whatever the contract between artist/label specifies, which is not going to be all of the 70%, even if the label is owned by the artist. The label will get some portion.
It was not ruled on it. The judge stated, the registration could likely be invalidated due to prior art.
Where is this “clearly” stated? I’ve never heard of this.
Get a new attorney ASAP. Seriously.
They do get paid that way. The settlement is "up to". This amount depends on how many claims are filed.
Lawyers win, customers lose. Typical class action lawsuit.
Note that pairing a remote with a device (AppleTV) does not stop that remote from controlling other devices (MacBook). It simply stop other remotes from controlling that device. The best option is to turn of the Infrared port on the MacBook.https://discussions.apple.com/servle...t+23.56.10.png
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