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As happens quite frequently here, the title is inconsistent with the story (and not the numbers). The new iPad is 6% of all Apple tablets or The new iPad is 6.6% of all Apple tablets used on the internet. The correct answer is the title does not fit the story which is about internet usage of iPads. on to the story... So out of a million iPads on the internet, 66,000 are new iPads. Is that a lot? To go with the story, how many of those new iPad users have put their old iPad...
Which is it?
Okay. I think the math is; AL + AA + s = me +
Barely fits? You do realize the iPhone (and all other phones) are not meant to fit into that little coin pocket in the right, front pocket?
No it's not. Part of the energy used is running the components. Heat is wasted energy. That is what energy efficiency is all about. Doing the same (or more) using less energy. If you had a 100% energy efficient component, it would not generate any heat and you would not need heat sinks on devices.
So you are paying $25/month for cellular data but you are not using it? If you do not have a data plan, there is no need to disable cellular data...
Looks like most stores (CO, AZ, TX, NM, OK) have most models.
I doubt his income was earned outside of the US.
Exactly which millionaires do you see complaining about their income taxes?
No it hasn't been "totally" ruined. If it had been, they would have gone after both Daisy and NPR/This American Life with everything they have.
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