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The Vita sold less than the 3DS (which is a "failure") and it is only a disappointment? A failure is much worse than a disappointment.
Steve's Reality Distortion Field is working in reverse. Rather than getting others to believe they can accomplish something, it makes the user (in this case Schmidt) beliieve something can get done, when in reality, he is foolling himself (and no one else). Why not just spend the time and money, keep your pie hole shut and do the job, then announce it when it is actually ready? Then in 6 months when you realize you have tossed +$25 million down the toilet, you won't...
Why do you write this? The article specifically stated that T-Mobile is waiting on Apple, not the other way around as you seem to indicate...
Big difference is that Apple has not announced a product prior to the biggest holiday that something will be released after that holiday.
Yes but, "Rob SiltanenÂ….notes that he was compelled to write the article when he saw discrepancies in Walter Isaacson's best-selling biography,"
Really? You just looked at the pictures and didn't actually read the story?Perhaps because this article is about, "a lengthy piece written for Forbes by an advertising executive (Rob Siltanen) instrumental to the campaign's creation".
If you had $1.6 million laying around to spend on a few bits of paper, then you'd obviously have a few thousands times more than that to do this more interesting things. I doubt they are going to miss a house payment because they are stretched a bit thin.
If "FliteDeck Pro Enroute application is the only FAA-approved digital replacement" and AA will begin replacing traditional paper charts on Friday then wouldn't they have to use FliteDeck Pro Enroute?Or are they going to use unapproved software?
Pass the crack pipe, please. Gotta be what they are smoking...
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