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Since the record companies were getting absolutely nothing (from the pirates) before iTunes Match and now they are, how is that not a good thing?
and? You listen to the same hit song on the radio 14 times a day. The artist gets a cut for every time you hear it. Then you hear it again 5 years later, The artist gets paid again. and again and again.
If a company does not know how to manage their own hardware/software/company purchases, then they deserve to lose the app. [quote]Apples solution? Buy the app again for the next user!! Fine and dandy for Apple since they make 30% every time you buy an app.. sucks for the company having to rebuy an app over and over and over again![/quotee] Why wouldn't a company manage AppleIDs for their own hardware/software/company purchases? Let the employee use to and when the employee...
And her 83c per hour @ 6 days per week seems to be just above the national average for similar jobs in the entire country. They aren't being underpaid or overworked compared to others in their country.
You (obviously don't) realize Cheney retired from Halliburton and sold all of his stock almost 12 years ago?
Why? As others have noted (no pun intended) this ad (and the other Samsung ads) are not mocking Apple Inc. nor its products. They are mocking iPhone users.
Is it a phone? Is it a tablet?Is it a pad? Phobletpad? That is their (Samsung and everyone else's) problem. They don't have any idea what they are trying to compete with so they simply keep changing everything and end up with abortions. Make a phone and/or make a tablet, Make it good, make it right and make is solid. People will buy it. If they would compete with themselves and their own products, they would end up with better products. Don't come out with 3-4 different...
Why should "most people" stick with Samsung, HTC, Google, Nexus?
I don't recall where I read that but Apple almost never pays cash but gives products to use. So House isn't paid in cash but paid in products.
How are these "rogue apps" identified and who identifies them as rogue? And who "allows" Google to delete them? Is any customer action required or can they do it because they (Google) want to with no customer action? What's to prevent them from identifying everything as a rogue app and deleting it from all devices?
New Posts  All Forums: