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correct. There is not an option to make a backup. Just run disc utility and make a disc image then restore it to a DVD. NO tricks or hacks required. Worked fine with Tiger and Leopard. Have't tried it with SL
The backup of your current drive. You do maintain a current, bootable backup, right?Apple is suddenly going to somehow prevent you from backing up your hard drive? As far as backing up the OS X installer from the App store, it is an app in the Applications folder. After you download and before you install anything, one should always have a current backup of their hard drive.
Here's a good article http://www.smdc-armyforces.army.mil/...9_NO_3_013.pdf
Block IIR-M (currently 7 satellites) introduced the L2C (civilian) signal.Also, Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) sends correction data.
Actually, no. Initially, Selective Availability was used to limit non-military systems to ~100 meters but this was turned off in 2000. Military grade GPS has better receivers and antennas, can use Selective Availability and are more robust than off-the-shelf or even standard commercial aviation grade. You can get receivers that are just as good. They will cost a LOT and won't have SA but they are just as accurate. Selective Availability can be re-enabled in the event of...
Of course it's not real. It's a mockup as stated in the article
This is not what I asked. What exactly does Apple's yet-to-be announced cloud service cost and what exactly does it provide? You have no idea so you cannot say the cloud service you are referring to is better.
This assumes the cloud will be available over a cell network.
iTunes store revenue.
Since it has not been announced, how do you know there is anything better?How much does this (not yet announced) Apple cloud service cost and what do you get?
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